How to create a new wallet on SmartHoldem platform

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Good time of day, dear Steemit users!

How to create a new wallet on SmartHoldem platform

In order to create a new wallet on SmartHoldem platform you have to complete a serious of simple steps.

  1. Firstly, you have to download the latest version of the wallet from (a clickable link) and start the client.

  2. Access the website of Smartholdem platform.

  3. Click on “Obtain tokens”.

  4. Go to “Wallet Data”.

  5. See the following picture. Copy a Private Key.

  6. Go to the client. Click on “Settings” and “Import an account”.

  7. Insert the copied Private Key.

    The account (address) with coins of course if you have them should be displayed in the client

How to create a new account

Every new user has to create a new account (which can be updated with a seed phrase).
This can be done by two ways, through the “Registration” or “Import an account”.

Click on “Settings” and “Registration”.

The seed phrase should be remembered or copied in a safe place.

Next, you should being checked that you actually recorded the phrase.

That is all, the new wallet is created.

You also can “Import an account” with a selectable phrase that is easy for you to remember (it has to be COMPLICATED).

Here is a link to the post of my good acquaintance Philipp Grebenshchikov who has issued a guide to install a wallet

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