Asset Split Network ASN | A Smart Contract Platform that Generates Liquidity

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The blockchain technology has created an avenue where people can create smart contracts for their businesses. These smart contracts are created as conditions for executing the business terms. They are also generated to determine what need to be done in a business transaction. It creating trust amongst business transactions. Smart contracts are generated in line with the need of the user and business. The blockchain technology is improving many businesses for their optimal growth and productivity. A platform that is designed to achieve this is the Asset Split Network ASN.

Asset Split Network is an ecosystem that is out to help those that need to put their ideas and businesses into valuable usage through the use of smart contract of the Ethereum blockchain technology.

The Asset Split Network ASN platform avails a decentralized blockchain platform that is created specifically to help build smart contracts for businesses or individual. Users provide to the Asset Split Network platform their valuable business need. The businesses needs are used to generate smarts contract that would be executed to improve businesses, get liquidity to expand or as the case may be.

What Asset Split Network ASN Offers

  1. Asset Split Network ASN is built on the decentralized blockchain technology and with it comes, transparency, efficiency, immutability, cheaper transaction fees, and trustless.
  2. The Asset Split Network ASN offers a platform that generates smart contracts that will meet the need of its users which is tailored made to meets the user’s specification and business need. Users are able to create a smart contract using their own rules and policies.
  3. Businesses or individual are able to get an easy entry level into the mass market with the use of Asset Split Network ASN platform. The platform has a user base that the new or existing businesses that are having challenges to penetrate a mass market can easily connect to on the ASN platform.
  4. The platform avails to the users an easy interface with non-web3 browsers through its dashboard. It creates a bridge for the user to securely access ASN platform with Ethereum compatible browser like Metamask extension which is much needed to access the features of the platform.
  5. The ASN platform is designed as a decentralized application that implement solution to users business need using a user-friendly platform that is created for seamless and best user's experience.

Benefits of Asset Split Network ASN

  1. The platform is created to share 50% of its revenue with the token holder. The ASN token holder is like shareholders of the business of which they are rewarded for their contribution to the business.
  2. Smart contracts are made simple with the ASN platform as the platform is created to generate crypto contracts for its users. Blockchain algorithms are created by expert programmers that are professionals in blockchain smart contracts development.
  3. The ASN platform creates a favorable condition for the businesses by making it easy and possible to create fresh capital for business growth and development. ASN platform acts like an asset generating platform which generates start-up funds for users with interest paid automatically.
  4. The gas fee is the fuel that powers the Ethereum blockchain. The ASN platform utilizes low gas fees for its transaction confirmation which when converted to fiat currency cost just a few cents.
  5. Users that lock up to 1000 EAST get a passive income on the ASN platform. A 1% income generated is rewarded to the investor.
  6. The ASN platform rewards the users that purchase the EAST token with the Ethereum token. Users earn the ether token for every EAST token they purchase.
  7. Security is an issue in the crypto world but the ASN platform offers a fast and secure platform which is designed to protect the users using distributed ledger of the Ethereum blockchain protocol.
  8. The platform enables its users to enhance their customer's experiences by using the decentralized blockchain smart contracts to improve their productivity which will in turn increase return on investment.

The ASN token

The ASN platform uses the Ethereum Asset Split Token with acronym EAST. The token is an ERC 20 standard token of the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is the means of payment of all transactions on the ASN platform. The total token supply is 150,000 EAST.


The ASN platform help generates smart contracts for its users to expand their businesses and liquidity. The smart contracts created acts like shares that is used to generates liquidity to expand businesses and other uses. The project is backed by a hard-working team that is working tirelessly in line with the roadmap of the project.

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