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TRXChain is a smart contract belonging to the cryptographic ecosystem called Eclipcity. AT TRXChain you can make
investments for the amount you want from a microinvestment, if you decide so

The investment is made in the cryptocurrency Tron known as TRX.

The first way to earn is totally passive, that is, you invest and on that investment you earn 1% every day for 310 continuous days.

The other ways to win are active, they are not mandatory and will depend on your own desire to grow even faster.

The second is that you receive 10% for all the investments made by all the people you personally invited, all those who are in your 1st level, for example if a guest of yours invests 1000 TRX, you earn 100 TRX.

The third way to earn money is interesting because you have the opportunity to earn money from the affiliates of your affiliates.The third way to earn money is interesting because you have the opportunity to earn money from what they charge each time, the affiliates of your affiliates, you can earn a defined percentage up to 15 levels deep. For example, suppose that a person in your network is at level 15 of your network, that person charges the equivalent in TRX to 100 usd, you would earn 5 usd in TRX.

The fourth way is very simple, and has to do with the person who brings the most volume in TRX to the smart contract, registering more affiliates to TRXChain, it does it in the following way the contract takes 3% of the volume of money that is made each 24 hours, of the total of that 3% it takes 10% and is distributed among the first 4 people who enrolled more direct with volume, saving the remaining 90% to increase this bonus every 24 hours, that indicates that this bonus grows every day more and more.


Follow these instructions to join TRXChain

/ - Proceed to open a wallet that trances with TRX, the recommended ones are TRONLINK or TRON WALLET or KLEVER (they are Chrome extensions which you can get in the Chrome Web Store, available and free), also TRONWALLET and KLEVER work perfectly for smartphone or TRONLINK for PC.

/ - Load the wallet with at least 100 TRX's, and I tell you at least because in TRXChain it is the minimum amount accepted, because in its interface in the JOIN part it clearly shows you the amounts that you can invest in the community fund, Choose the one you want, the portfolio must have loaded what you are going to invest, if your contribution is 10K TRX, that amount must be in your wallet. You must also have an extra between 2 to 5 TRX or more for the wallet to work.

/ - With the wallet already loaded and open, you will place this registration link in the search box of the Chrome browser:, and load the page in the browser.

/ - Wait a moment, an elongated window will appear that has 2 buttons at the bottom, one says REJECt and the other in purple says ACCEPT, you click on the latter and the smart contract will debit the amount of TRX that you decided to invest.

/ - Now the web is going to become your web where you are going to look at your investment data and referral link, in case you want to invite other people.

Very simple, easy to join this community and the opportunity it offers.

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