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The year is 2017. It seems like yesterday we were fearing what would happen when the calendar flipped from 1999 to 2000. Would all computer systems fail to operate? Would elevator stop working? Y2K was real in our minds. Hindsight we laugh.
We are three years shy from the all to famous year 2020.

“Everything is going digital…”

When I stop to think about all the things that are happening around me, my head just spins. If I attempted to discuss all the ways our world is going digital, I’d have to write a book. That said, let me hit a few key areas where it’s clear that our world is being transformed bit by bit. Our bodies, wallets, cars and homes/cities.

The Human Body is being digitized so slow and methodical that it’s not that obvious. Are we becoming DATA from Star Trek? Not quite but maybe one day. From Fitbit type devices to being chipped to actually linking our brains to the internet with Neuralink.

Our wallets and purses hold several items that are quickly being put into a digital format. We used to carry paper dollar bills and metal coins. Now we carry credit cards. There is a big push to go cashless in countries like Sweden. The next phase is removing the cards and just going digital via our mobile devices. Enter Bitcoin. Identification cards (ie. Driver’s License) will also go Digital if Vinny Lingham’s company Civic have it’s way. That too will go to your mobile devices. Wayyy back in the day folks use to actually carry around photos of their loved ones. Not any more, that too is going to — you guessed it — your mobile devices; Instagram.

When Elon Musk said he would create an all electric car, many scoffed. He’s pulled it off. The Tesla is a beautifully made computer on wheels. From 220 miles to the charge to nearly 400 miles, you can travel across the United States without ever touching a gas station at zero cost! As if that wasn’t amazing — he’s now making it possible for the car to drive itself while you just ride along. Just like Roger Bannister broke the 2 min mile — we will see many other car makers follow Elon’s lead and before you know it the ICE will be a thing of the past. All cars will be digital.

The home is being quickly transformed. Every appliance being connected to the internet in a blinding pace. TVs, Refrigerators, Doors, Camera’s, Lights, etc. Every aspect of the home is not only going digital, it’s being connected. Say hello to Alexa or OK Google and they will assist you in so many ways. The Echo and Home devices are just the beginning of what we will see in a smart home. Here is the next BIG thing!

Again — this is just scratching the surface of what’s on the horizon. Everything you touch, see, smell, hear, feel or taste will eventually be digitized and placed on the Blockchain for a highly secure world. Each bit will be placed in the Data Center. If you’ve ever visited the Ashburn area of Virginia, the land is being quickly taken over by large buildings that house the servers which store those bits.

Our world is being transformed right in front of our eyes and if we do not adapt by becoming digitally literate, we might be overcome by the technological advances we are creating.

More to come…stay tuned.


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