SmartCash a rare green colour today

in #smartcash6 years ago (edited)

Its great to see Smart Cash with an early green sprout in the market. Almost everything else is red right now.

Really backing this coin for 2018. Great community, great technology and they have masternodes!


thank God green is life yesterday it dumbed to 0.
today is smart i guess.

Nice to see some green today :) I will look into this coin Thanks

Sounds good. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts when you've had a look.

Looks like a good private coin, it was at $2.40 last week so it's at a good low point to buy right now and its moving up fast. Shame cryptopia are not trading it today, I will get some on hitbtc. I think it will go over $10 this year. The markets are a little rocky today but will recover. Great time to buy some smartcash today imo.

If you want it cheap right now, check out crypto bridge

pretty much half price of hitbtc. Last price was .00007

Are crypto bridge a safe place bud? I will have to sign up if so? Thanks for letting me know.

Yep I've had no worries. It runs on bitshares so decentralised exchange. Noone else has access to your coins :)

Sweet thanks dude and good luck trading 2018 :)

Thank you. Good luck and enjoy :)

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