The Future of SmartCash and DLT

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I believe the future of SmartCash and DLT will be bigger than what we can imagine.

I will not go into details about what the team is up to that will come over time with our weekly announcements.

I am going to focus on two things in this short article and i assume you know what DLT is and SmartCash.

  1. Where the future of SmartCash and DLT is headed macro-view.

  2. Touch on human emotions and psychology and how the current bearish market is disturbing the market and creating panic.

Please ponder the following

I dare you to dream.

I dare you to follow your excitement.

Why do you expect a certain outcome?

Avoid focusing on just the price and the news look within and focus on yourself.

Why do want to see what you think you want to see ? question yourself.

What is your agenda be it positive or negative?

Why is it that every amateur investor is circumspect and carry’s huge expectations?

When things don't go to plan do you lash out or try to find an explanation?

Circling back to SmartCash

I believe the SmartCash team is doing the best we can and sometimes you just have to try a wait and see approach know that we are providing regular communication to all involved in the project and working on innovate ideas and cutting edge DLT and traditional payment solutions despite this short term bearish mentality the crypto markets are creating.

Understand that the journey is more important than the end goal just like when you listen to a song you don't skip it to the end you enjoy the song moment by moment until it ends and then you don't want it to end because you are in the that state of enjoyment, if we all rush to the end we miss out on the experience of the journey and how it reflects on us and what we have learned and enjoyed about it all, the passion and excitement never truly ends as long as we are on the road of our highest joy.

Overcome the greed and negative beliefs, focus on a visceral positive approach one that will expand us and contribute to a better more joyful world one where we share a common goal of personal freedom and financial freedom, cutting out the middlemen will be a challenge but we must reorganize how people are used to the idea of money.

To instil a new form of global payment system one that is run by the community could take a long time to enter the mainstream consciousness.

As I am part of Outreach my goal is :

  1. To inspire and attract investors and on-board more people that i can dream of.

  2. Help create a global payment network of merchants and businesses.

  3. Talk with Exchanges and increase liquidity

  4. Educate myself on current and past beliefs people in power had and why they still want control over financial markets.

  5. Excite people to get the chance to be a part of a new economy one that can scale and create positive everlasting trust.

  6. Create graphics and designs for the team.

  7. Research DLT and follow global treads to find opportunities that will benefit SmartCash.

I love what i do and will continue to follow my passion.

An inspiring idea was the SmartCash proposal system, as long as humans have imaginations and dreams the SmartCash proposal system is open to anyone in the world to help SmartCash, create the world you want to see.

Ignore the perpetual common negative beliefs and thoughts you have and change your outlook by changing yourself.

Create the world you want to be a part of one where SmartCash is used by millions and creates synergies amongst merchants and businesses alike!

Stay strong and work in unison for a more positive outcome for SmartCash and cryptocurrency in general both in bearish or bullish times.

Focus on the Macro view over the micro if you are a long term hodler.

Every moment is neutral we provide a belief and give it meaning.

Remember back to why SmartCash excited you, be in that state of mind.

Cocreate this peaceful and voluntary movement with us.

We are working with more countries, companies and merchants and exchanges than I can list here which is very exciting.

You don't know the future but trust you are on the right path

Stay strong and positive much peace and love from all of us at the SmartCash team.

To find out more about SmartCash please visit



Their masternodes seem to be a fair entry price. And their are addressing governance and voting in a better way than pivix and dash

Awesome write up man, but this line grabbed my attention so strongly!!

Why do you expect a certain outcome?

We so often neglect the "why" part of our actions, which is absolutely essential in my opinion. If you're clear on why you're doing something, why you're in it, life becomes much easier during the storm.

Yeap. If speculator only bought b/c of price was going up then he'll sell soon as it starts going down. He has no other reason. Like in Wolf of Wallstreet, "we don't care about the tech we only here to get rich". Well we all know how that turned out. They all went broke and in jail! The why is the most important.

Exactly!! Couldn't have said that better!!

i had to re read this to get a full grab really.

Right on que. Lets push for mass adoption. Smart On!

for sure, i have a project @project-atlas what about this project partners with smartcash and run weekly to monthly campaigns in order to create more social media awareness.?

Why not bring this up on discord and see if it’s doable?

okay i will hit that point, their thanks

Very eloquently spelt out. Smartcash is the right path. Keep it up mahn!


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SmartCash will be on top

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Smartcash will be the new king !

inspiring and touchy, can't say much really but my resteem will say more of this.

Thank you for the appreciation of my writing. hopefully this will be a motivation for me to write

good post, I really enjoy your post. Follow me back @arisviyo

good article about this topic.keep it up

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