Does Your Coin Work in the Jungle? #proofofjungle

in smartcash •  7 months ago

One of the arguments for the benefit of cryptocurrencies is that they can help many people that are currently outside of the banking system. The idea that everybody is their own bank has some merit with cryptocurrency. However, can you really use it for paying for services, getting cash, or running a business?

Use SmartCash in the Jungles with SmartPay
Daily usage is one of the primary goals of SmartCash and it really does work, and with more than just pictures of “accepted here” stickers on different storefronts. SmartCash is a cryptocurrency that can reach customers where others can’t. It can be used even in the Amazon Jungle. Have you imagined that would ever be the case with cryptocurrency, which itself is less than 9 years? Yes, it is, and with SmartCash it has already been accomplished in just over a year since the start. Check our video to see how a floating restaurant in the Amazonian river uses SmartCash to do this. They actually used SmartCash to pay the bill in the restaurant and the transportation to and from the scenic location within the jungle.

Live on SmartCash in Brazil with the SmartBand
Another great example is the SmartCash partnership of StratumCoinBr ( you can buy SmartCash and load your SmartBand at any regular store using their existing system. The SmartBand is available to purchase from WearAtar, and works at 85% of retailers in Brazil already!

With the SmartBand you are free to spend everywhere in Brazil using SmartCash. Brazil is a rapidly growing economy that is taking a more welcoming stance towards crypto, and SmartCash is well known there. You may ask… is SmartBand still only in Brazil? Yes, unfortunately it is only available there yet, but if you are a foreigner you can always get a Brazilian CPF and live in Brazil too! So you can come here and live with SmartCash already.

Using SmartCash in the Favelas
With SmartCash you can actually pay all kinds of bills with it as well, like: Electricity, water, gas, and all kind of bills you need to survive. This brings us to the question, “what about favelas?”.

A large number of people in Brazil live in favelas and most of them are not approved to have a bank account, so we actually gave to them one opportunity to live without it using SmartCash. About a quarter of the people in the world live in slums like favelas.

They can actually withdraw local currency by being paid from someone with SmartCash and they don’t even need to have experience with cryptocurrency. This is because SmartCash has used a popular service called “Casas Lotéricas”, which are an alternative for banks already.

Using Kamoney to Pay Employees with SmartCash
Let’s look at the last part of the SmartCash economy, and that’s paying employees. Not only is SmartCash helpful for everyday purchases but for employers to use for employee salaries as well. They don’t need to be worried about going to the bank to withdraw themselves some fiat cash to pay their employees.

Instead of using a bank, employers can can go to and load the HugPay app of the employee with SmartCash and this person can go to 14.000 agencies of “Casas Lotéricas” to withdraw it. See how simple it is? Check the video, “Withdrawal of SmartCash in Favelas“.

Still don’t believe in it? SmartCash Outreach Hive Two challenges you to come here and check with your own eyes in Brazil how SmartBand and Kamoney work for SmartCash to be used for everyday purchases and payments. We’ll even buy you lunch with SmartCash and share your story on our social media channels.

About SmartCash Outreach Hive Two
This team is focused on promoting SmartCash in Latin America and growing our user base and number of business accepting SmartCash in countries such as Brazil, as well as Portuguese speaking countries such as Portugal.

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About SmartCash:

SmartCash is an easy to use, fast, and secure cryptocurrency that supports everyday use such as business payments and daily transactions. SmartCash has a unique decentralized governance system and technologies such as SmartNodes, InstantPay locked transactions in about a second, send by SMS and email, a project treasury with private key voting, SmartMining security, SmartCard, and it's Point of Sale app called SmartPay. SmartCash is pushing the limits of blockchain technology with tools that support entrepreneurship and innovation. Intended for use worldwide, SmartCash is available at ATMs, the first cryptocurrency shop in Europe, The House of Nakamoto, local exchanges and is especially popular in South America and Africa. In Brazil, 85% of retailers accept SmartCash with the SmartBand and it will be available at an additional 13,000 Caixa locations soon.


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