SMARTCASH presents at the UN Humanitarian BlockChain Summit in New York

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SmartCash was invited by the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs in New York to present at The Humanitarian Blockchain Summit, hosted by Fordham University in collaboration with the United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technology on the 10th November.

The Humanitarian Blockchain Summit brought together experts in technology as well as scholars and humanitarian practitioners to discuss the future of blockchain technology in humanitarian operations. The goal of the event was to find recommended policies for using blockchain technology in specific humanitarian interventions in pursuit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SmartCash was part of two workshops during the event. The first being 'Case Study From Venezuela: A Grassroots SmartCash Initiative' in which Aaron and Ricardo discussed how the SmartCash governance system funded the proposal for the Venezuela Food Project and how blockchain technology is being used to find solutions for the problem of the "last mile" of humanitarian work in Venezuela currently.

In humanitarian work, the problem of the last mile or, “how can you assure that your products reliably go the last mile all the way to the beneficiary?”, can be a big obstacle to overcome. The beauty of BlockChain technology is that cryptocurrencies like SmartCash allow anyone to provide funds to people in need, instantly. Beneficiaries don't even need to have a bank account to receive those funds, meaning that cryptocurrencies can also play a vital role in providing support to the world's unbanked.

Aaron and Ricardo utilised their workshop to talk about the power of the SmartCash governance system in giving all users a voice and a vote, to propose ideas such as the Venezuela project, and receive funding to put those ideas into concrete actions. They also discussed the many features of SmartCash that lend themselves to the solution of the last mile problem in humanitarian work, such as the accessibility advantage to users through the Web Wallet, the fast transaction time between sender and receiver, and the traceability of funds through the Block Explorer, which would allow humanitarian organisations to see if their funds were being used appropriately.

Ricardo, backend developer for SmartCash and also known as rlamasb in our slack channel said, "It was great to see that with such small solutions SmartCash can have a really big impact and it was amazing to be among some of the biggest names in the humanitarian work space."

SmartCash were then invited to attend a second session in the day, a Humanitarian Think Lab Workshop in which they discussed Priority Mining of Humanitarian Transactions and the role of Technology in Humanitarian Work, helping to further connect SmartCash to some of the bright minds attending the event.

Learn more about SmartCash at, follow us on Twitter or join our slack

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Opening a bank account is great problem a complicated process in many countries. In my country Pakistan it is almost impossible for common person to have bank account. Blockchain technology is good omen and very positive approach to contribute to humanitarian assistance workplace.

wow! congrats for the event, and for the success of your work in venezuela, hope there will be a initiative like that on my community.

That's why SmartCash rocks.
If you own SmartCash you become part of the team. If you get in the team you get a voice. A voice that gets laughter by the votes you receive. And if you find that someone else's voice matter to you you can vote for that and make that voice laughter.

This is the kind of world i want to live in, Amazing work well done !!

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Good job team! :D

Of course the most important part of charitable finance is Trust. The same as with Trust being the most important factor in the adoption of a cryptocurrency. The fact that these currencies can do that with less trickle down fees means the future may be very bright ^^. Thanks for continuing to foster such discussion.

Your humanitarian work is going places when you're invited to speak at an event involving the United Nations in collaboration.

"In humanitarian work, the problem of the last mile or, “how can you assure that your products reliably go the last mile all the way to the beneficiary?”, can be a big obstacle to overcome. "

The first thing coming to mind was the hyperinflation going on in Venezuela and how cryptocurrencies "have the potential" to be more upward stable then fiat currencies which generally lose value overtime due to inflation or hyperinflation, whereas cryptocurrencies have great potential for deflation.

Moreover, cryptocurrencies have the potential with coin-burns, cryptowallet lose (etc...) to increase in value for hodlers overtime as opposed to fiat currencies which almost invariably lose value (even when money is lost), so that those who save benefit overtime would see their funds grow in value. Yet if you put your money in the bank at 1 or 2% interest, inflation alone is higher than the banks paltry rates.

I think the smartest thing SmartCash did was not have insanely high interest staking. I noticed currencies like Embercoin, B3 and many others offer/offered hyperinflated rewards to people who stake the currency, resulting in the value to plummet toward almost zero. For instance, you can no longer buy Embercoin on cryptopia using BTC. That's a sad fate for a cryptocurrency. It's finally becoming clear to me that high max circulation and high staking rewards are an obvious recipe for disaster.

Congrats on your good work and I hope to see the day where the SmartCash logo is at every major humanitarian event.

Great work guys!! Proud of SmartCash!

The best ever news I heard as a believer and big fan of smartcash. I wish I could hear more of these

Amazing work @rlamasb and Aaron! Great to see the event went so well, and to see SmartCash's work in Venezuela being recognised :)

This is amazing guys. I want to join your team. In case you wish to know a little background on me, I promote Steemit to new users to students and at the same time do community projects which @smartcash loves to support.

I joined the slack channel. Nice to meet ana amazing community like this.


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Nice work, amazing smartcash!