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How To Make Money on Steemit: TEAM SMARTCASH

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You can use the following commands:

  • balance - displays your current wallet balance
  • address- displays your deposit address
  • withdraw <amount> <address> - withdraws the amount of SMART to address
  • tip <username> <amount> - sends the amount of SMART to username
  • terms - displays terms and conditions for using @smartbot
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@smartbot withdraw 10 SXefW6CfgTRPeQH2dH1skxcX4uV6TQRqN3


@rumble: Σ9.99 SMART has been withdrawn from your account to SXefW6CfgTRPeQH2dH1skxcX4uV6TQRqN3. You have been charged Σ0.01 SMART withdrawal fee. Transaction b798b68f6ea2d5764c81f1bf92e5585fbf39d0efdd0a7fb281ec0260671053d7 is now completed. To monitor the transaction status click HERE.