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This is a video promotion for @SmartCash paid through the proposal system of the SmartHive (link). In the video you are getting an overview over the cryptocurrency SmartCash (SMART) and its features. The clou is the animated SmartBee mascot which was animated with the Adobe Character Animator technology.

Narrator Text

Welcome to SmartCash, a decentralized community governance blockchain. It has passive income features and creates a digital payment solution. SmartCash is a blockchain technology that uses Proof of Work through mining – similar to Bitcoin. However, the major difference is the distribution of the mining block rewards. SmartCash miners receive only 5% of them while the vast majority of mined SMART is used for SmartRewards, SmartNodes and most and for all the SmartHive. Let me explain.


Everyone can join the decentralized SmartHive community. Here, you can control the fate of the coin including the governance and the budget. With SmartCash, 70% of the mining block rewards are reallocated to the SmartHive as well as to the dedicated SmartHive Structuring Teams for ongoing maintenance.

Another major aspect is to encourage community development by incorporating a proposal system with a large funding pool. Every SmartCash holder gets one vote per owned SmartCash. If the majority of votes after fourteen days are in favor of a proposal it will automatically be accepted. This way, the community can finance their ideas and help to grow SmartCash.


SmartCash has a built-in stabilization mechanism which encourages long term holding. These so-called SmartRewards are paid out to each wallet address holding at least 1000 SmartCash. A snapshot is taken every 25th of a month and if no SmartCash has been withdrawn since the previous one that wallet will automatically earn new SmartCash. SmartRewards are coming out of the 15% block reward allocation from the mining process.


All users holding at least 10,000 SmartCash can set up a SmartNode. These are servers running the SmartCash code and enable features like InstantPay transactions. They are dedicated Virtual Private Server which you can rent online from hosting services for about 5 Dollars a month. SmartNodes get paid 10% of the block reward on every block. The best part about them: You can earn SmartRewards and SmartNode payments at the same time and create a passive income stream.

So, this is SmartCash. I hope you like it. The SmartHive is already waiting for you. And I, BEE you next time.

The Video


Not bad. Imagine being able to purchase SmartCash from any SmartCash wallet and !

Sounds certainly interesting. The cool thing is that SmartCash is developing its native multi-currency wallet application for phones this year which eliminates the need for the middle-man.

thanks for the info

POW is old now. Ethereum casper update is the hope and revolution

Similar to gas and electric cars. Both can exist and work but electric more efficient and over the very term end up more dominant. I think what's more important is the evolution of the protocol. Having governance and funding is def the future of all successful blockchains.

some cash for you

Fabulous, incredible video . I share my memebitcoin.jpg

awesome video man! im glad to work with you

Thank you for drawing me. You are awesome!

That whole SmartBee idea rocks, so I take it we can use this video in our articles.
Will share it on twitter as well.

Yes, please use this video as much as you like.

Thank you I will do so.

yeewww amazing Job you are the BEE !!

Let's bring the Bee to the beaches of Costa Rica and life stream from there. ;)

that's a totally great video! Although I understand little of the cryptos - but I like the video with all its animations and your explanation. Good job!

All top posts are raised by boosters, nobody votes for free. And after that they want someone here to create good content ...

Well, I hope you still like the video. That was nearly two months working towards this day. :)

@smartbee thanks for this video and your hard work. I finally have video that explains what Smart Cash is in complete details. Your video is first one that has covered all of SC in detail.

Not bad.. I agree with you...meaning full post...i like this...

Just what the doctor ordered. I love the creativity in this clip @smartbee. You have articulated the SmartHive and SmartNode concepts better than I understood it..

Thank you for the kind words.

Great work! I can see the time and effort that went into making this video.

Keep up the great work and see you around.

Wow 👏 👏 👏 👏 @flauwy this is great delivery - guess its better a bee lecture us about smartcash features - i know all the bee said - but it feels like I'm hearing that from the horses mouth - 🤝

There are more videos coming, maybe I can still teach you something. Althoiugh you know your Smartcash already very well.

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question for you. is it easy to run a smartnode on your computer, and if I run one can I still use my computer for other things or will it take up too much bandwidth?
Is there a community team that I can get involved with? would really like to discuss some things with a group. Discord or telegram groups?

Well, you need a dedicated VPS (IPv4 address, 1GB RAM, 20GB drive). I am not sure how well that might run from a private server but it should be possible. You should ask that in the Discord chat for SmartNodes. I am sure they can help you.

they will definitely help over there - smart bee 🐝 - you great

Really nice to know about smartcash. I recently got to know about this new coin, which tries to solve the scalability by using something called ECP. No ICO MN/POS coin! For more details, check this.

Cool, thanks for the info.

Excellent! The future of SmartCash is bright indeed! @ironshield

Nice work man :) Are you german btw? :P

Great post and great video keep up the good work @SmartBee

I am glad you like it. More to come. ;)

Wow....what a great idea... Weldone👏

That is great update cryptocurrency news
Thanks for sharing animation

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Nice work man.......

Very Nice Post! Congrats!

Congratulation smartbee! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 86min with 39 votes.

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This is really good. Well done

Thanks for this great news about cryptocurrency.

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nice post. congrts


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