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The New Vision Network is dedicated to pursuing equal and healthy human progression for all. We support individuals, companies, and governments in line with providing humans the means to live a good life.

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Hey Everyone! I've been busy working on a proposal for the SmartHive! This is a concept I've been forming and developing for over 4 years now and fits right in with the community-centric model that SmartHive is offering to the world.

This idea dawned back when I declared myself as a Creative Consultant and moved to Colorado. I knew I couldn't just start charging a ton of money and claim my creative prowess until I had earned a reputation and gained enough experience to pull in the "big bucks" I hear about so many consultants earning.

So I put into effect a plan after some research of cutting-edge networkers and business models. Once I had collected some thoughts on what business models align with my efforts, and what actually works... I decided to do go for a donation model.

I started to donate my work to anyone creating businesses, art, bands, events, or whatever! I love helping people create. I am a muse for startups and artists alike, just having someone believe in what you're creating and lending support goes a very long way. I would just ask a donation back in anything they want.

So in return donations, I would receive money, more network, resource access, and just random gifts I would have never thought of! It's been an interesting experiment and journey, to say the least.

Now that I'm 4 years into this model, I'm seeing the impact it's making in my network expansion. I have rapidly gained a position in networks I would have never dreamed. The degrees of separation are dissolving fast.


As I try to wrap my head around my situation, I am seeing huge potential for this to be applied to b2b (business to business) relations. I have prepared a more evolved and solid subscription model that could be applied to the b2b level of networking and asked my network what they think about this "New Vision Network" concept... and I only hear good things in response. I have pre-approval from all the main companies and partners I'm connected to!

This model basically provides a way for a dynamic b2b network to access each other's services by donating a small subscription fee rather than paying a hefty amount for some of the services offered within the New Vision Network. This donation is through a non-profit and can be written off as well. Startups wishing to join the network can access high-level services by subscribing, and then their services are brought into the family of companies once they're up and running.

This model offers exponential network growth and service potentials for everyone involved. It also brings steady work into all within the New Vision Network.

Many have a hard time understanding the concept, but I think I've got my proposal descriptive enough that it'll clearly show the concept in action. Click on that previous link if you wish to read through the proposal... or if you'd like to take a peek at the main slides before I propose... please take a look here: New Vision Network

I wish to help the very inspiring creators of SmartCash gain network rapidly and infuse the currency into the New Vision Network.


I believe the SmartHive and other concepts being implemented by SmartCash align with this networking model and can be a very powerful synergy of my real-world network/services with a de-centralized currency network/services.

This will also be a great way to network with powerful foundations that are aligned with the SmartHive community empowerment model.

I will be submitting my proposal soon for review in the SmartHive forums, but feel free to comment here and let me know what you think if you check out the proposal details above!


Hey there, you won a ticket for anarchaforko to attend the event, can you send me a message on Discord please

Write on a proposal and I vote for it with my SmartCash power.

Awesome thanks! I think it'll be a huge opportunity for all involved. Unity!

Just posted it in the forum for some more feedback.

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