2018 Will be the year your friends hear all about SmartCashsteemCreated with Sketch.

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With a Roadmap this ambitious and a team that keeps delivering, it'll be impossible for this gem to stay hidden for much longer.

I myself am excited mostly for the first 2 items you will notice,
Stealth addresses and native mobile wallet with multicurrency trading, these developments will be huge for our community, they will greatly increase our use case and merchant adoption.

what do you find most exciting about the roadmap?


lets rally for the binance vote :)

Let's get that binance listing baby!

Truly apealing and promissing, for sure and I know it to myself that 2018 is a year for SmartCash.

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What about making a smartcash wallet with ledger nano s integration.....that would be awesome news!!! I dont know if it is technical challenging, but its something need it to fully protect our smartcashs

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