SmartCash Meme Challenge WIN 35 Smart!!

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Smartcash Meme Challenge

Hallo Guys, With the last couple of days having Some great fun at the #smartcash discord #main-tipping channel. And seeing Some funny memes from @simplifylife @joop and @yayson and many others I decided to make a smartcash meme challenge !

(created by @end3rthe3rd)

  1. Put together a Smartcash Meme
  2. Create a new post with The Tag #smartmeme to enter your meme in the contest!
  3. Upvote this post
  4. Resteem this post
  5. Follow this account @Qurka

I will then judge all the memes and announce the winner on Sunday 4th of February.

Who can make the best meme?? I can’t wait to see how funny this will be! Be creative and think outside the box!

If this challange does well, I am thinking of doing a weekly #SmartMeme Contest.


I will donate 500 smartcash to this.

Someone is turning on the heat xD xD

Big D in the house fellas!!

Holy shit really, if That happens we could crank up the rewards a bit and even have a reserve for doing a contest for couple of weeks !

Thanks for hosting this contest, and thank you to @decentralizd for super sizing the prize pool.

Here is my entry:

@breakthrough - oh my god. I think that is literally me! :D

haha...i dont know how many will admit but i think its lots of us

:D :D Ah, good to know. :D

hahaha xd, awesome

Love this meme 👍

yess it is pretty awesome haha

what a fab idea!! who doesn't love a good meme... we NEED hilarious smartcash memes in this world!

Haha, that's what i thought too

I already did my meme, hope you can check it out :3

Yess, Thank you for your entery

Nice contest Qurka. I submitted my entry just now, hope you get a chance to take a look. :)

Thank you Yes ofcourse, I will check out Every ones post

Awesome. Here is my entry, though I am not sure I will be able to compete with the likes of @simplylife! :D

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