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RE: Smartcash Smartnode First Aid kit

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Hi @controllinghand , yes , more than happy to combine forces.. I've also been in touch with @blockchainlib , and he had similar ideas to add security section.. I actually put some out there for iptables check.. but decided last minute to hash them out as this may complicate things for some people.. my script is out on github right now.. its integratable with other scripts.. just have to create an independent function , return fail, ok or warning with same color scheme .. there's also some parts there you can leverage ,i.e. the global variables and existing functions .. feel free to DM me at smartcash discord if you or anyone from the smartsquad would like to collaborate further.. Cheers !


Sounds good. I'm going to look at your code and perhaps integrate it into my agent? Or just have you write your output to a location. Right now I have my agents running on all my VPS every 10 mins and output to that smartadmin home dir /home/smartadmin/snmon/snmon.dat file. hmm... let's chat more.

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