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Happy New year everyone and welcome to 2018 the year of the SmartNodes. I am happy to say I kept my promise and gave out Smart as Christmas gifts howbeit to my soon to be teenage son. He wanted an iPhone and I offered a 1000 smarts the deal being he keeps it until his #SmartRewards could buy him the iPhone. Initially he was thankful as he had other presents he loved but not really impressed. Not to be out done I got him to download the Delta app on his tablet entered the purchase price in BTC for his record and got him to track his portfolio of Smarts. He has seen his #SMARTS go from $160 when purchased on boxing day to $500+ at the time of writing and even a larger amount when viewed in CAD as he likes to do. He has now bitten the bug and anticipates he would get his iPhone earlier than his birthday in summer. Only time will tell but I have finally been able to demonstrate the lost act of saving (not the kids fault savings fiat currencies just keep loosing value and buying power). I will keep you posted on how his investment goes. Feel free to encourage him on his savings journey with Smarts. His wallet is: SXwpdcUvHTfPdHzXH8jsAfkKJoTLYHE3kT

As I type this I am recovering from a really annoying cold/cough/ sore throat actually saw the doctor today who told me my best option was to steam, use nasal sprays and rest my voice (good luck resting my voice with 3 kids) I have added oregano tea which was soothing initially but is now just giving me cramps) I guess I drank more than required. Well I have got another plan "Garlic" yes you heard me I am chewing my second clove of raw garlic! it burns but I find it just right for my throat. Thanks for bearing with my rant.

Now to the topic for the day. We all know that SmartNodes are her in a few days. The question is how do you get ready if you have decided to join our community? What should you be doing?

  • Ensure you have 10000 Smarts. Include a bit more network transactions fees
  • Do your research on Companies that host VPS (Virtual Private Servers) services
  • Check that they support IPV4, 1 Ram and 20GB in what ever package you choose in the least
  • Do a search on the vendors you are considering and read reviews. Here you would be looking to see what kind of support they offer. If you are from the unix world or a very tech savvy person you most likely can handle anything that comes. If on the other hand this is your first node and you are not technically inclined in all things unix then you may want to choose a VPS service that would support your SmartNode for you for an extra cost.
  • Another thing to look out for is the up time for the providers you are considering. SmartNodes need to be available 24/7. If you have to pay to host it ensure they can deliver and have a failover plan for when thing go wrong
  • Be very careful who you get help from in setting up your SmartNode when it comes. Do not be in a hurry, get help from the right source and please do not give anyone the private keys to your wallet. #SmartCash will not require you to compromise your security. SmartCash is all about security.
  • Finally this is the most important instruction of all WAIT for the SmartCash DevTeam to tell you when its ready and with the official documentation on how to set it up. This is very important as there are many #MasterNodes but none of them are #SmartNodes to assume they are the same would be a grave mistake. WAIT for the right information. Be cautious treat your SMARTS like you would treat your CASH.

Be Smart with your SMARTS

Learn more about SmartNodes please visit:
Join us:

I truly hope you take this opportunity to reward yourself, and make history with the first coin of it's kind!
Happy earning!

My Smart address: SZuD6sbjBwToeYcuU6Td4MAqU5H5SWi9MJ
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@nitego hope you get better soon. I think the smartnodes once live will give Smarts a big post in price. :)

Thanks started antibotic today hoping for better results. I feel drained

Great article! I did the same thing for my nieces and nephews and I also convinced my fiancee that a SmartNode was exponentially better than our saving account.... Looking forward to seeing SmartCash exposed to the masses

I'll also send over 10 SmartCash to your son's wallet. It's not much but it's a start. Thanks for taking the time out to write such a good article

Thanks a lot

@ablacknerd I have the long term goal but I should have started earlier! now 1000 Smarts is $530+ I guess my SmartRewards will help me get there. All the best with your SmartNode. I believe you are on to a winner

Σ$$$ Tipped @nitego Σ20 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.478 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $9.56 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit