SmartCash SplitFork - Eligible Addresses Finalized + Some Rumours Addressed

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As explained in my previous post HERE, the list will be finalized soon. We had a few legitimate complaints who were whitelisted - about 750K coins. Total amount to be forkdropped is still a bit under 300M coins. Any further complaint about the filtering can be resolved through proposals after launch. The finalized list has been posted HERE and will also be included in our github repository for transparency along with the filtering rules followed by the few exceptions made.

One rumour that has been going around which I would like to address is spreading FUD about how dangerous the claiming process is for requiring the private key or that we could steal people's keys and spend their smartcash, etc. This is hilarious to me but definitely worth addressing. First of all, the wallet is going to be open source and there is a way to tell that binaries are compiled straight from github without any addition or deletion. The reason I find this rumour hilarious is because it's being spread by those in charge of closed source wallets such as the smartcash web wallet HERE, which means there is no way to know whether they are saving your private keys or not!

Another thing professionals like exchanges do is they compile the code themselves. The compile instructions will also be in the repository but obviously not everyone is technical enough to be able to compile the code themselves or to go through the code and check whether there is anything malicious or not. The fact of the matter is if you're THAT paranoid about this fork, you can always first send your smartcash to a new address with a new private key and then use your old private key in this fork.

The other rumour is that a few people have selected the blacklisting rules and therefore it's not fair. Firstly, the few people in charge have never been a whale - we couldn't even stop Ben Swann with appx. 16M yes votes vs. 9M no votes from happenning even though the communigy was overwhelmingly against it. Ben's proposal passing has turned into the biggest issue in the community and one of the main reasons this fork is happening. Secondly, I can personally say this with certainty that the majority of people are and will be happy with the filtering and I'm sure even the whales affected by the filtering will still have coins in this fork as it's impossible to track everything in the blockchain. Furthermore, disputes after fork will still be possible through proposals.

And yet again another rumour is that we're forking pivx and not smartcash. It might be noteworthy to say that all altcoins whether pivx or smartcash in this case, share about 95% of the code with bitcoin. Second of all, we don't have to fork the smartcash code to be considered a splitfork of smartcash. There is a lot more to a cryptocurrency than its codebase or its underlying technology. The current codebase for smartcash has a lot of centralized aspects to it which is why this fork is happening in the first place! It's true that our codebase will be a mixture of Dash and PIVX and not so much of SmartCash as we plan to have PoS mining and onchain governance from day one, but it's also true that we're still going to use Keccak as our hash algorithm and that our initial airdrop or forkdrops will be on smartcash holders and the fork is going to benefit smartcash holders not PIVX, Dash or Bitcoin holders!

Looking forward to see you all on Discord.


Been a while that I haven't checked on smartcash. Happy to see there are big changes to come. Thanks.

This is not smartcash. This is swiftcash. You have a lot to catch up.

Wow sorry about that. So much has changed. Thanks.

SmartCash hasn't really changed. We're forking away and the new brand is gonna be swiftcash.

Thanks for the info. Are the amounts on the list above the amounts that will be airdropped?

Yes. Balances are as of block 633,000.

interesting! Definitely, need to keep up with this project. So little time now

Thanks! Hope to see you on discord then.

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