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SMARTCASH, the coin with:

  • an active POS (Point Of Sale) System In place
  • an active SmartBand that allows you to pay using your SmartCash any time, anywhere.
  • over 18,000 active SmartNodes all over the world that produces a steady passive income to thousands of people like me, whom before Crypto had to fully depend on a boss and a job to survive and also resembles of how strong and powerful the SmartCash Network currently is.
  • functionality to send and receive SmartCash trough a text or an email.
  • an active Smart Card with InstantPay that makes all of the above look small.
  • an upcoming airdrop of BitcoinConfidential, the privacy coin that will be the little Sister to SmartCash.
    and many other features that I can’t think of as I write this post... Well, this coin is now under attack!!
    I finished reading a post from our fellow Steemian @ msg768, extremely smart individual who created the Tipping Bots for SmartCash.

    Feel free to read his post here.
    I really mean no disrespect to @msg768 but there are a couple of things that bother me so much as a former industry manager.
    1.- He was working for SmartCash. If he KNEW all the BAD THINGS he said exist in the SmartCash ecosystem,
    why he waited until he is no longer employed by SmartCash to finally denounce these issues?
    2.- His intentions are not to hurt the community, “God forbids” he says. Former workers from any place, have the tendency to leave the place and immediately start trashing it. This doesn’t exclude smart people, but does exclude the professional and mature individuals. Trashing your former employees does hurt the community you left behind my brother.
    3.- @msg768 goes on to compare SmartCash with the biggest scam ever in the history of blockchain, accusing high end individuals (presumably), to be collecting millions of dollars worth of SmartCash, he provides a couple of wallets for us to corroborate.
    Let’s check this fact.
    Satoshi Nakamoto holds One Millions Bitcoins in his Wallet, Vitalik Buterin held Ethereum until early this year. Charlie Lee held Litecoin until the end of 2017. What I’m I saying with this? Simply that EVERY PROJECT FOUNDERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO PAY THEMSELVES, not according to what we think is fair, but to what THEY THINK IS FAIR. It was OUR CALL FROM THE BEGINNING to join and give our money to this project, and no one held a gun to our heads to do it.
    All the achievements that SmartCash has accomplished must’ve cost money, that’s the reason why we gladly put OUR MONEY into the project.

Another guy who is trashing SmartCash after losing ~14 million of his SmartCash is Chats with Decentralizedon YouTube.
As I have read, this guy was tipping prostitutes on Twitter by the thousands of SmartCash with the excuse of promoting it.
One day (only according to him) some guys broke into his place and robbed him at gun point all his SmartCash. I say according to him because he never offered any evidence that this truly happened.
After asking the SmartCash developers team to hard fork SmartCash or to remove the security feature for him to crack his password and RECEIVING A NEGATIVE, he went an a rant on all social media platforms trashing SmartCash and everyone who was part of it.

The hardest part for people to understand in Cryptocurrency is that YOU ARE YOUR OWN BANK and NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FUNDS BUT YOU, if you lose them because you lost your private key or forgot your password, then SORRY BUT YOU ARE AN IDIOT and there’s no cure or solution for that.


I’m just a holder and a believer of the project and as a former industry manager, the trashing of the things you once claimed to loved bug me to my core and irritates my soul.
This is the type of attack that according to me, our SmartCash is going trough but I let you decide by yourselves on what to make of all this situation.


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Time to buy more??


Definitely my friend

The smartcash team is of the community for the community, and we strive to develop all the tools and services that are required to gain mass adoption. most claims raised by people seeking to detract from smartcash fall apart when you read the actual information like the proposal guidelines etc. the hive teams even added 3 more hives this year further decentralizing smartcash.


Thank you, thank you, and thank you. We love you SmartCash team!

Dear @melip, thanks for the information. Very detailed Greetings.


You are very welcome my friend.

Hi melip, some days ago an user wrote about Venezuela like you did it. I invite you to read his article here.


Muy bueno amigo. Gracias por compartirlo.
Esto de ayudar a los venezolanos es algo muy en serio.


Gracias a ti, por el apoyo que nos brindas, tú que no tienes la necesidad ni la obligación de hacerlo, pero que aun así lo haces. ;)

Hola melip una vez mas paso a dejarte mi apoyo me gustan tu post estas al tanto no solo de lo bueno sino también de hacernos saber lo malo


Muchísimas gracias Jenni 😊

Los comentarios negativos solo hacen las cosas mas fuertes, saludos mi amiga melip

Feliz domingo!


Gracias 👊😊

My dear @ melon thanks for always give us a great information. I am sure that all this improves soon... Have a great day😀


Jaja I’m your dear melon 🍉.
Thank you for your comment Denise 😊

The hardest part for people to understand in Cryptocurrency is that YOU ARE YOUR OWN BANK and NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FUNDS BUT YOU

People do not have a hard time understanding it, they have a hard time accepting it. Sadly, it is nothing but the truth


Thank you for corroborating it my friend 😊

Excelent notice


Tienes razón. Siempre te voto pero anoche la plataforma estaba funcionando terriblemente mal y a pesar de que voté al parecer no registro el voto. Igual te dejo dos 😁

I still beleive on Smartcash, I still keep holding mine!


It’s about to become way better. HODL brother 👊😊

Por eso y muchas más caracteristicas que no sabemos todavia es que SmartCash puede convertirse en un futuro no muy lejano es una de las Criptomonedas favoritas del mercado @melip


Asi es amiga pero estos indecentes y malas vidas que solían trabajar para la plataforma ahora le están arrojando y diciendo basura y media encontra de SmartCash.
La gente así me irrita el alma y me amarga el momento 😊

Mi estimada @melip pasando a dejar mi apoyo, mis saludos. Gracias por informar.


Muchísimas gracias amiga 😊

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Even i am supporting this great project :)

ever since I saw you write about smartcash last year I have been a happy owner, the team is amazing and they even sponsored our conference. This is just a bump in the road but I will keep my smart
its just the smart thing to do...

thanks for the extra info though