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RE: SmartCash SplitFork - Eligible Addresses

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You already said it your self, smartcash board can't please everyone.
What you are trying to do is wrong and if you are supposed to do it, it shouldn't be done in a war like manner or a way to get back at people who once trusted you.
Just because you know how the block goes and how to folk one doesn't make you the savior -

I rebel against this man they are peaceful ways to do things

Now you know its hard to take a decision but you won't accept the fact lots of people make their decisions.

I know that this decision is a tough one and is not going to please everyone but the truth is that no one can please everyone and that has never been the goal of this fork;


Not being able to please everyone doesn't mean not being able to please the majority. The smartcash board has chosen to piss off the majority. If you still don't see it, I can't change your mind. There is a silent majority waiting for this fork to come through. They will then speak up one by one I assure you that.