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Smartcash is mined, maintained, and is ran off community feedback. If you want something added you just haft to VOTE, and if its a good idea you or the Dev's can add it to the platform.

With each block that is mined, 20% goes to the miners as rewards and 80% goes to the development, that being said. Lets say you want something to be added and want to help the community.

You can help the community by developing new parts of the Smartcash Network, and then you'll be paid for your work with the community budget. Mined by the community for the community to improve the Smarthive experience for all.

With Smartcash its way faster to send translations were Bitcoin it takes six confirmations to send a payment. What takes hours and doesn't seem to end. With Smartcash payments go through within a fraction of the time being around a 20th of the time for big websites. Which is around 3 minutes at its highest.

With coins like Bitcoin translation are one of the easiest to track, but with the Smartcash Wallet's renew feature.

It acts as a way to randomize where the money went like ARTICAL ABOUT IT Police can track were money with serial codes, But were this comes is normal people would need to swap the money around to make it so they couldn't track them by doing this it makes it impossible to track were the money went. Making it by far the best Decentralized Cryptocurrency.

With the most helpful, dedicated, and nice Developer's i met its no wonder why Smartcash is on track to being one of the best Cryptocurrency out there.

To checkout Smartcash: https://smartcash.cc/
To checkout my other post about Smartcash with more info: CLICK HERE

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100 bucks it fails.

it won't fail

you just lose every investment you make so you cant find the good ones

Nice your the man

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