Voting for adding SmartCash to Cobinhood!

in #smartcash3 years ago (edited)

I wrote a small petition about listing SmartCash on the revolutionary zero-fees Cobinhood exchange.

Cobinhood is new cryptocurrency exchange wich has sweet zero-fees strategy and it will attract many traders soon. It is important to list SmartCash there now, while the listing does not present any special difficulties

Voting is live now!


Meet my proposal to Increase SmartCash Awareness for Sports Sponsorship

I am a member of BuildTeam, the group responsible for creating incredible services like Minnow Booster, Steem Voter and Steem Sports.



w00t! thanks for spreading the word ;D

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I voted for this on Cobinhood. There's also something similar going on to get SMART listed on Binance.
Link is here: -> everybody vote up! Only unfortunate thing is that you need 0.1 BNB to vote, but very maybe if you go the SMART discord they might help you out.

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