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In opening
With people coming in to Crypto everyday, an introductory guide on mining is not overdue.
In this guide we'll do a step-by-step tutorial on how to mine SmartCash, showcasing all the different kind of miners.

For this guide we'll be using the official SmartCash pools that operate at a 0% fee. Use the pool in - or closest to - your region for the least amount of latency.

If files are absent from your download or after you run the miner, make sure your Anti-virus didn't block them. You may create an exclusion to the mining folder if this happens.

To mine SmartCash you need a SmartCash wallet of some kind as you have to mine to an address. You can find wallets here; .

EU pool -
US pool -
Asia pool -

1. Nvidia Mining - CCminer
2. AMD Mining - SGminer
3. Dual Mining (AMD & Nvidia) - Claymore Miner

Nvidia Mining - CCminer
Mining SmartCash on an Nvidia machine is by far the most efficient. The specialized miner designed for Nvidia cards is known as 'CCminer', and has a lot of different forks specializing in different algorithms. Effectiveness will vary based on individual cards, though it will likely not differ too much - experiment a bit to see which miner has the best results for you.

CCminer Alexis ( ) - Older ccminer-fork that specialized in the Keccak (SmartCash) Alghorithm

CCminer Tpruvot ( ) - Allround ccminer. Regularly updated and great effectiveness for most cards. <-- my personal pick

CCminer Klaust ( ) - Great ccminer with support for Keccak.

Setting it up
Now that you've downloaded a miner, let's put it to work. The downloaded miner will have created a folder looking similar or exactly like this:

What we need to do here is right-click any of the existing batch-files*, and change the line to appoint it to a SmartCash pool and to your wallet address. We'll use the US-pool as an example, the pool-address for other pools can be found on their respective sites.
Change the line in the Batch-file to look like this:

ccminer-x64 -a keccak -o stratum+tcp:// -u SMARTCASHADDRESS.WorkerName -p x

Replacing the SMARTCASHADDRESS and WorkerName with your own info.
Now save the file. You may also rename the file to your liking. Now run the batch-file, and you're done!

If your ccminer has a different name than ccminer-x64, fill in that in the batchfile instead


AMD Mining - SGminer

AMD-cards are suckers for memory-intensive algorithms. Keccak (SmartCash) however, is not one of those algorithms. For best profitability for AMD-miners I suggest dual-mining SmartCash together with another coin using Claymore Miner. SmartCash is one of the best coin to dual-mine beside another coin.

That being said, if you do want to solo-mine SmartCash using your AMD Graphics Card, here we go.

SGminer (

Setting it up
After downloading the miner and unzip it, you will see a folder containing the sgminer.exe, and an example batch-file* called 'eth'. Right click the batch-file and press 'edit'.

Replace the contents with the following line linking to the US-mining pool:

sgminer-x64 -k keccak -o stratum+tcp:// -u SMARTCASHADDRESS.WorkerName -p x

For other pool-addresses you can find those on their respective sites. Now fill in the SMARTCASHADDRESS & WorkerName with your info and save the file.

You may rename the file to your liking and run it. Your miner should pop right up!


Claymore Miner
A miner I reckon to be the most popular in the crypto-sphere. Claymore offers the ability to mine two coins at the same time increasing profitability. It's also not discriminating towards AMD or Nvidia - both can use Claymore. The first coin must be Ethereum or a coin mining the same algorithm.

Claymore Miner 11.9 - - Dualmining SmartCash does not work on 11.8, so make sure you have the most recent version.

Setting it up
Once you downloaded the miner you have to find an Ethereum-pool first. We'll use Nanopool in this example. their guide can be found here:

Once you have found a pool and their pool-address for Ethereum as well as SmartCash, it's time to modify an existing batchfile that came with the miner*.
Right click any of the existing batch-files and change the line in there so it corresponds with your info. I'll use the example of Nanopool(ETH) and USmine(Smart) here:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal YOUR_ETH_ADDRESS/YOUR_WORKER_NAME/YOUR_EMAIL -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal YOURSMARTCASHADDRESS.WorkerName -dpsw x -dcoin keccak -allpools 1

Now you may save the file, and change the filename to your liking. Once you double-click the batch-file the miner should start right up!

*If your miner did NOT come with an example batch-file - you have to create it yourself.
You can do this by creating a text-file/document, insert the line there, and then save it as a batch-file. You do this by selecting the 'all files' file-type, and adding .bat at the end of your filename.

If you run into any issues, difficulties or just want to chat about mining, come join us on discord at

For further information regarding SmartCash, check

Donation address: SiV1KVbh73hRib27s8oG2mnKLebFqL3G2d


Nice Guide. It helped me. Know of any windows 10 guides? Mcafee security guides or malwarebytes guides? Thank you.

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