Winner of 100 SMART Giveaway Chosen!

in #smartcash3 years ago

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my 100 SMART giveaway!

The winner was chosen and paid to the address they left on the Youtube Comment

And that winner is @thelastsage who interestingly also left this comment on Steemit with a cool SmartCash poem, that I loved!

SMART was sent as promised before the rewards Snapshot at 07:00 UTC on 25th.

Sorry to those who didn't win, but stay tuned for future giveaways! ❤️


Hannah you really are the greatest!!! I can't believe I won. This is literally so much fun. I wrote that poem just for you and you have shared it with others too!! You work to make something be the best and in the process you help all the rest. I feel as though I should give to you and so I resteem and upvote you too!!

Thanks again and keep on steemin on!!!

The Last Sage

hahaha you are welcome :) thanks for another poem :)

@thelaststage Congratulations. Nice poem really, you have set the ball rolling. I will be following for more!

I love SmartCash.

Hannah you should drop by in the #main_tipping area on discord!!! It's so much fun!!

Thanks hannah for this giveaway and congrats @thelastsage for your sweet poem ;-)

Super awesome big thank you to @cknr7 and of course to you to @hannahlicious!

Bummed I didn't win, but am happy for the winner since it was well deserved with that poem.

Thank you @gniksivart for the nice compliment on my poem. Keep on steemin on and the luck will swing your way.


Great job promoting SmartCash! You are very good, continue like this.

Congrats @thelastsage With winning, hope i have more luck next time

You got my attention one more time in this case into SmartCash. Thanks

Great way for the community to get involved.

You have Σ915 SMART (unconfirmed: Σ0 SMART).