Setting Up A SmartNode is Even Easier: How To Vid Using

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Follow me through my SmartNode set up using

This was a much quicker and simpler process than my previous videos, although remember that you should only use a Node hosting service at your own risk! I know the SmartNode set up can be daunting - hopefully this helps make it a bit easier for someone 😁

If you want to learn more about SmartCash you can go to


You missed the part where you get 10,000 smart cash? LOl jokes.

Great vid, thanks Hannah

It great that there are services to support #smartnodes hosting. Now the non technical people can join the fun.

Always a pleasure watching your videos on SmartCash!

its a long video but yeah you right, this is much simpler than the last tutorial on how to set up smartnodes, i agree with nitego Its really great that there are services to support smartnodes, every thought devs only can set up smartnodes, lol, its for everyone, we thought its alot of work

thank you, i want to learn then use this info when i move back to Colombia jeje

Have to sit and take some pop coin for it like i always do on every smart video lol, be right back.

woow.awesome post

So timely. I have a friend with 10k plus SmartCash and he wants me to help set one up!

awesome post,great news,my dear friend @hannahicious,thanks for share,


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sick, cheers for the update on the smartnodes this will help alot

I definitely wanna set one up👍
Thanks for posting this information! Very helpful👍

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