Cryptocurrency to Be The New Favourite Gift for Wedding Registries?! SMARTCASH

in smartcash •  9 months ago

So I'm attending a wedding tomorrow and of course I decide to look at the registry the day before because I'm super organised like that...

...and what are they asking for on their Wedding Registry?


It made me laugh so much I just had to take a screenshot of it and share

Crypto is definitely the perfect gift for any occasion! And especially SmartCash!

If you want to learn more about SmartCash you can go to

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That is awesome, the gift that keeps on giving...

Awesome!! One of my mate is going to do the same thing for his wedding!!

My family now have to ask: "apart from crypto what do you want for your birthday". Over Christmas my list was short

  • HaskTank
  • DASH Masternode
  • Crypto

Of course that was a dream list. Now we have the #smartnodes it on the top of my list. How many #smartnodes is too many?

Congratulations to your friends. I wish them a happy married life and many more #smartnodes and cryptos


hahaha! yeah crypto is the best gift for sure :) thank you @nitego

Wow that's really cool of you.....nice gift..
Wishing them happy married life.
#smartcash for life.
I will also ask for a tip on my birthday and on my graduation too lol @hannahlicious.

Why not tell Mai? XD


The gift I want for Christmas and my birthday.

How good a gift would a chunk of Smartcash be that you could immediately stake? Much better than a contribution to an RESP or something. Awesome!


@zekepickleman - RESP I can tell you are in Canada. I believe its better than RESP. It would be interesting to invest the same amount in both and track it over time and see which does better. I know what I'll be betting on.


You know what? I may do an experiment so that I can support Smartcash, save up for kids education, and test the theory! Hopefully I will have your support as I report the findings.

Now to find some FIAT to start......


I would certainly support that. I would like to know. How it goes.

That is so crazy....crazy good! The future is now!


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