Crypto Kids: A THANK YOU from Me and Sofia for her start in SMARTCASH — Steemit

Crypto Kids: A THANK YOU from Me and Sofia for her start in SMARTCASH

in smartcash •  last year

Over the weekend, I posted about 7 year old Sofia setting up her SmartCash Wallet

I wanted to say Thank You to people who sent her some tips to her wallet (she also got an extra tip or 2 from me and Daddy)

I love that her address is now called "My House and Puppy Fund" because thats what she decided she wanted to save her SmartCash for!

She also happily spent almost an hour tidying the house for me on Sunday and sorting trash from recycling in exchange for some SMART for her fund.

We are excited to help her build up her funds little bit by little bit. She is a very lucky kid to get 5000 SMART in her first weekend, but I guess if Tone Vays can get bribed with 50,000 SMART to get him to pay attention then I don't feel as bad about our 7 year old being bribed with a kickstart to her House and Puppy fund to get her engaged and motivated to learn about cryptocurrency.

Thank you, again! Hope you all had a good weekend!

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This must be so exited for you to teach this 'new-crypto-thingy-internet-money' to your little girl!
I already cant wait to teach my future kids about this...

Wow. Incredible. I don't have kids so I can't even imagine how amazing it must be to be able to teach this to your kids and have them understand it.

Great update! @Proteus and I were bragging about you guys to our boys! lol She is adorable @hannahlicious and @rlamasb! :) Not to mention she now owns more @Smartcash than I personally do - haha, need to fix that!!! Great job Sofia!


aww thank you @missalee :)


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The best part about this is you don't have to worry about the money falling out of their pockets!

Excellent, it is very good that your daughter can have access to knowledge of cryptocurrency, which in turn will serve her a lot in her adult life and will create some financial expertise, very good. I think we should all include children in the knowledge of cryptocurrencies, it would do them a lot of good. Congratulations!

Moms are so awesome! =)

Nice one Sophia and mum!

gently but surely...

We should all have a SmartFund of sorts. :)

She was super excited with being able to save smartcash. It was a super fun experience. I recommend for all the crypto parents to try something similar :)

this is awesome.. i want to get my kids in to crypto but i don't know where to start with so many scams and shit int he crypto space so this has showin me a good place to start...

The best way to teach a kid earning money is not on piggy bank but in the form of SmartCash. Unlike piggy bank, SmartCash did pay a good interest over time.

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