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569_60aeecf75181b03e9dc846d254837283.jpgYes... I know I'm new but steemit is a wonderful platform. It's lucrative and educative but for newbies it's frustrating. Low or upvotes , no followers, Super low earnings and extremely low Steem power. People with greater or more Steem power tend to vote for other people with high SP. Which begs the question how is growth possible?
They'll say post quality content but what's the need for posting quality stuffs when they won't even bother reading or upvoting them. right?

How do those with High Steem power really attain such feet? "Preservance, patient, post-promotion or help from other members" it don't really matter how they did but what really matters is how we are going to achieve it.

Seriously the Only helping hand for me so far is "SMARTCASH". Apart from being a lovely Crypto, members of smartcash community are generous folks. They all super nice and pretty helpful. Without any intial investment I have almost 400smart just from tips. Being a part of this community has made my time on steemit less frustrating.
To be a part of this community visit their website ( and create a wallet.. then you can join our discord channel via

And if you happen to be super talented well this community is perfect for you. You can participate in different weekly challenges and earn. For information on smartcash and how it works on steemit . follow
@hannahlicious and watch her videos on her YouTube channel @Girlgonesmartcash and I promise you steemit will become more rewarding.

Are they any other methods of promoting my steemit account?
please kindly reply in the comment section.


Yes, steemit can be very frustrating at first. It takes time to find your feet. Keep creating good content. Don't give up.

Thanks bro I'll

sure thats the key really, even though i haven't be putting up good content I'm trying to rectify that really.

I have written three months hundreds of posts before my Steemit account took off. It is a patience game and you need to fight for every little bit.

One big tip is do NOT use just Steemit but DTube, DLive, DSound, dMania, Utopian because these platforms upvote themselves. Steemit will never upvote anything as that could hurt the ecosystem.

Links to the above mention.. Dmania Et al

Wow that's really helpful and the links will be very much appreciated

this really speaks some truth.

you are new, but you are most respectable for us

A writer writes...keel writing...even in the real wold no writer made it easy.. If you prefer video try Dtube

That's very true...I'll keeping fighting ☺

Hi @ghost2 Hinata hullian. Have you found the niche? Set your best article point what sort of writing material that you want to introduce and share? Use the right tag to share your articles...make more interesting comments on the other Steemit users post. Those are just some basic guides to expand yours steemit identity. Its okay to have general articles but it is better to have a main content so if someone want to know about specific content they will try to find under the main tag aimed tittles. Hope that will inject some guides to help you and gain success in this platform ...Thanks.

Actually I think it will... My own private tag...hmmm... Thanks

Don't worry! You just need to find the right audience. I'm fairly new here too.

Exactly dearie..i have started with you

Glad you did! 💋

I am still fustrated myself, I usually only get one upvote per post, but I keep going in hopes that someday someone will find my thoughts interesting.

Really...I'll Tire to be more like you

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Thanks alot

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