If You Hold 1.0 or More SmartCash, You Should Be Voting!

in smartcash •  9 months ago

Join us for a Reminder to use your SmartCash wisely. Every SMART in your web/desktop wallet counts as a vote on the proposals you think are worthy of funding. Just click Voting in your SmartCash Wallet to start voting!

Let us help you free yourself with cryptocurrency.

Beginners can easily buy Crypto with Fiat on Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/575b48d839cfb702bc000591

Our preferred Hardware Wallet is the Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/07e0

Our preferred Centralized Crypto exchange is Crypto One-Stop Solution / COSS: https://sso.coss.io/api/invite/7RCJADC7VX

Our preferred Decentralized Exchange is Bitshares: https://bitshares.org

Our favorite cryptocurrency is SmartCash (SMART).

If you hold 1,000 SMART in their official wallet, you earn monthly rewards (Smart Rewards) for not touching them: wallet.smartcash.cc

You can buy SmartCash here at CryptoBridge: https://crypto-bridge.org/

We give away 5 SMART every (brand-new) video to help you get to 1,000 coins! Leave a thoughtful comment with your SmartCash address to be eligible to win.

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We posted this video on Youtube January 9th, 2018. Our Smartcash giveaways are only on brand-new content. We are gradually uploading our old videos to D.Tube for your viewing pleasure and to help the decentralization movement (; Leave a thoughtful comment with your smartcash address on our NEWEST video for a chance to win 5 SMART! Web Wallet is best, and can be made quickly here: wallet.smartcash.cc

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I just checked it out. That's a cool feature. I wish there was a way to vote from a paper wallet. I prefer cold storage because it's so much more secure.


We love the SmartHive voting feature! We can appreciate that, you could also leave a small amount in your spending wallet for voting purposes only;)


That is a really good point. I suppose if it was a really big decision that needed more support it might be worth taking the majority out of codl storage and vote. One month without 15% isn't a big deal.


You don’t spend any @smartcash to vote. You get to vote simply by holding SmartCash. :)


Yeah, it's a really amazing system! Genius really


We absolutely love it. Proposal coming soon!

I always votes for proposal... mostly yes, some is no for what i think is not necessary. But if the proposal is directly affect only in one place or location, I abstain and let the affected community do the vote.


That's awesome @cloudspyder! Your vote is so important!!


Thanks for the love @themonkeycoin!

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