[v2.0] SmartNodeMonitor update!

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SmartNodeMonitor - Payout history + Top nodes + FAQ


If you never heard of the SmartNodeMonitor i would recommend you to check out the following two links before you continue here.

Changes v2.0

The new update is finally ready! It includes a lot improvements on the backend and three new user commands.

Reward Notifications

Until now the bot had its problems to notify all your received node rewards since not all of them are populated to the nodelist at the moment. From now on the bot keeps track of all node rewards that occur on the SmartCash blockchain by checking the mined coins of each block.

As result all rewards your nodes do receive will become notified from now on! 🎉

New commands


By running the new history(discord) or /history (telegram) command you will get information about all past payouts of your nodes. It will also show you some statistics. This is how it looks:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-15 um 17.53.30.png

Top nodes

I guess with many nodes it can be annoying to scroll through the whole list of nodes each time you want to check if any of your nodes are at a good position. Therefor you can from now on use the top command to print a list of your nodes filtered by its positions.

You can call it without an argument like the first call in the screenshot below: top for discord or /top for telegram.

This will give you a list of all your nodes that are currently in the top 10% of the queue.

If you want to print another percentage range you can simply add the percentage you want to filter: top <percentage>

The possible range here is: 10 - 100

Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-15 um 17.56.07.png

Frequently asked questions

The FAQ command will help the support team and the users to get fast and concrete answers to the most frequently questions related to the SmartNodes. For now there are just a few following topics. If you have any question that you think should get integrated let me know.

Current topics:

  • Initial wait time
  • Collateral confirmations
  • Expected payouts
  • Position / Queue upmoves
  • Payout requirments
  • Node status

To get a list of the available topics just send the bot faq on discord or /faq for telegram. The result will look like this:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-18 um 18.32.51.png

Information about the available topics will be printed when you send the bot faq <topic>

As example here the output of faq rewards

Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-17 um 09.26.27.png

Other improvements

  • [Discord only] The bot sends a welcome message all users who interact the very first time with the bot in public or private chat.
  • [Discord only] @Support @Squad => You can now mention the @SmartNodeMonitor and any @otheruser user in one message. This will force the bot to send the @otheruser the new welcome message. Like: "Hey @dustinface check the @SmartNodeMonitor"
  • The nodes and detail command prints the remaining time of the initial waiting period now.
  • More realistic calculation of the time between payouts in the info command.

SmartCash voting script

If you are searching for a way to vote with all your node addresses at the time you may also want to look at this

🍺 + ☕️



Awesome @dustinface ! Im a huge fan of your work.. If you're looking for a next small project i've got an idea for you! Maybe you could make a Steemit bot that will upvote every post with the tag Smartcash, and or maybe so i can select to upvote certain authors such as yourself...
I've tried others and couldn't seem to find one to function
Either way thanks and keep up the good worke frined!

Cool idea, do you just post in the #smartbots thread on Discord?

I posted it there too yes ;)

Nice work, this is great!

Thanks! 🍻

Please if someone knows more that I who corrects me, but between more nodes move along it is better for the chain of Smartcash?

It makes the SmartCash network more reliable!

Ok thank you.

Thank you !!

Thanks man! Good to hear 👍

Σ$$$ Tipped @dustinface Σ10 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.213 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $2.13 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit https://smartcash.cc.


@dustinface Incredible work on this smartmonitorbot. I couldn't imagine it being any easier to keep track of my smartnodes. Your a fucking genius!

Amazing what you have done for Smartnode owners. Couldn't have imagined it being this easy. Keep it up brother..

I love the Bot and good job with the update!
I'm curios why there is a difference in the position number between HERE and the detail response from the bot? Bitcoiner says I am 6501 and the bot says I am 4452. Is there more than one place to call that info from? Is the bot and Bitcoiner pulling from the same place? If not then that could explain the vast difference I suppose.


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Σ$$$ Tipped @dustinface Σ30 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.209 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $6.27 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit https://smartcash.cc.

You can use the following commands:

  • balance - displays your current wallet balance
  • address- displays your deposit address
  • withdraw <amount> <address> - withdraws the amount of SMART to address
  • tip <username> <amount> - sends the amount of SMART to username
  • terms - displays terms and conditions for using @smartbot

You have Σ110 SMART (unconfirmed: Σ0 SMART).

@smartbot withdraw 110 Sj8eYLroxkDecGfkP7JY6AANeoWEYBzkee

@dustinface: Σ109.99 SMART has been withdrawn from your account to Sj8eYLroxkDecGfkP7JY6AANeoWEYBzkee. You have been charged Σ0.01 SMART withdrawal fee. Transaction 275e773b240dba41d79c553b93b303ec98c869780ee7453b68ad80a4d24bf63a is now completed. To monitor the transaction status click HERE.

Thanks! Appreciate it 🤘

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