Why Smartcash is loved equally by the merchants and buyers?

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Smartcash is a very innovative cryptocurrency. It is user friendly and easy to adopt by any merchant.
This community driven cryptocurrency is loaded with features.
There are plenty of benefits for using smartcash.

One can carry smartcash by loading it onto a ATAR band and carry your smartcash in style as it gets loaded onto the smartband with ease.

The smartcash loaded smartband can be used at any of the merchants that accept mastercard payment.

Even without the ATAR smartband, smartcash is accepted by owner 2.5 million merchants around the world. This number is only growing with each passing day because accepting smartcash by a merchant is super easy.
Any business can start accepting smartcash as mode of payment in less than a minute there are no hardware changes required to be made at the merchant POS.
Small merchants also find great utility in accepting smartcash as a mode of payments because using a smartcash merchant app they can start accepting smartcash payments.

The cost of transaction is almost negligible as each smartcash outgoing transaction requires a very small smartcash network fees. This fee amounts to a fraction of a cent.
The smartcash payments are instantaneous and merchants do not have to wait for days for payment processing as the case with credit card payments .
The merchants also do not have to incur a huge merchant fee for receiving smartcash payments whereas card payments require a 2-4% or more processing fees which depends on the amount of transaction.

All these features make smartcash the favorite of merchants as well as buyers.


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