A New Direction For My SmartCash Short Films

in smartcash •  8 months ago

Hey Guys,

Over the past few weeks I have been working hard to create a short film. Those who have seen my videos should know me as “The SmartCash Cowboy” and the comic adventures I encounter, but this month I wanted to try and create something more emotional and cinematic.

Yellow SmartCash Shorts.png

So I decided to create “SmartCash Shorts” which will be a selection of short films that I will create over the course of a year. The first of these films is titled “Stranded.”

I Hope you guys enjoy and The SmartCash Cowboy will be back and staring in a new film very shortly! :D

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Great job SmartCash Cowboy. very cinematic, love it! upvoted and resteemed. (Although my upvote doesnt contribute much as I'm a plankton).

Wish I had more smartcash, been mining and getting about 10 Smartcash a week :P


Hey I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the upvote! SmartCash is a great project and I'm just glad it has such a good community!


when are you doing a sci-fi short?

great video for your short film re smart cash :)


Thanks! ..I look forward to creating more projects :D

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Very Cool man , Cool edits. looking forward to see more of those shorts.


I'm Glad that you liked the short film! :D