SmartCash (SMART) Interview & Smart Card Demonstration @ Anarchapulco 2018!

in smartcash •  9 months ago

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i own some smartcash and i like it

I love what Omar brings to the Table with the constant hard work he does to bring a variety of information when it comes into all the different crypt0's that are available to us. I am going to listen to this interview now. I hope Wallace had a nice Grooming today..................

আপনি অনেক রাউন্ড আছে তাই আমাকে একটু সাহায্য করুন

wow!!! nice post. nice video.

That's a great discuss about smart cash..I love smart cash..And actually this is a great in steemit..
I appreciate your post my friend..
I think that this is helpful post for us.
Keep it up..
I will wait your next post..

Thanks for sharing cryptocurrency update providing.
I appreciate your of luck my dear..

This great information I appreciate your crytocurrency news...

SmartCash is a community governance, cooperation & growth focused blockchain based currency & a decentralized economy.
USD : 0.2475

your post is very informative for life... thanks for sharing about smart cash..............@crypt0

Wow... Amazing post.
I appreciate your post.. thanks for sharing... resteemit

Good and nice information..... thank you for sharing

Thats a Nice Interview.Smart cash gonna rock in 2018.

@crypt0 you share a lot of information in your videos which helps me a lot as you provide many new options for investment.

great informaction

I watching this video . Its great .

Great interview @crpt0 - it looks like a cool coin! I don’t know much about altcoins but how is smart cash differential from something like bitcoin cash?

@crypt0 love your content! Just some constructive criticism, I think this concept of a video is and AWESOME idea but I think in order to reach the new people to crypto it may be better if you had shorter answers and had ellle being more of a host and asking more questions in between your shorter answers and even commenting a as well just to get the ebb and flow of a hosted show 😊💯 once again just my opinion, I was very excited about this series but had a different thought of how it was going to be played out.

I heard that smart devs are removing zero coin protocol from github, and taking another approach for privacy. More like dash. The only feature for privacy will be bip47, invisible adresses, and they will focus more on the merchants side(love the smartcard). Nevertheless feel a little disappointed they couldnt managed to implement zcoin protocol. Any thoughts on this omar, @crypt0?