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  1. Required Steemit reputation: minimum 35 to be eligible. (Please don't ask if you can join if you have less than 35 Rep)
  2. Upvote this post to be eligible (resteem would be appreciated but is not mandatory).
  3. Only the first 40 comments entries which match the requirements will be eligible.
  4. ONLY ONE PREDICTION PER PERSON to be eligible (Please do not use multiple accounts to submit multiple entries).
  5. Edited comments will not be eligible. If you make a mistake, delete your comment and write a new one.
  6. If there is more than 1 correct prediction entry, the earlier correct prediction will win.
  7. Comments must be submitted before the 24 hours mark after.
  8. The price will be the one that is 24 hours from the creation of this post. The price will be used from CMC.

Here are some examples of predictions:

  • 0.083345
  • 0.0821
  • 0.07

The comment with the closest prediction from 24 hours from this post , will win 15 SMART CASH using the @smartbot, the price will be used from Coinmarketcap.

Disclaimer these contest rules where adopted from : @cknr7
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Read about SmartCash


One of the main characteristics of traditional cryptocurrencies is that they solely reward miners, people that contribute to rise awareness about the project and create useful apps are left empty handed. Faced with this situation, a great idea has emerged, a currency that focuses on giving back to its community, SmartCash properly rewards useful contributions to the development of the project and is creating a community-based ecosystem that might revolutionize the crypto market.

Smartcash is based on the governance of the community. It is a new form of decentralized economy based on the Blockchain platform. SmartCash promotes growth and community cooperation.

SmartCash has three unparalleled properties:


SmartCash promotes a decentralized governance structure. The power is in the hands of the community because it is the one who controls the fate of the currency (budget, use, governance). All people can propose their own initiative and their proposals for can be voted on by all people who holds Smartcash tokens. SmartHive has created a space for people of all backgrounds that will boost organized, substantial and organic growth.

Structured Hive Equipment (HST)

The HST is in charge of areas essential for the project which are divided into three departments (development, extension and support). The people of each department will belong to a team, when there are more than eight members per team, another team will be created and so on. All the teams will have their own budget and coordinator, they will be able to operate autonomously without the conventional central structures.


Smartcash is one of the precursors in the crypto-government space. Users can vote which projects will be funded from the community budget. Users will vote the path they want Smartcash goes through. There are interesting projects already being voted, some users are using the budget the receive to promote Smartcash and increase the user base of the currency. Smartcash is built from within.

Here some examples of projects being voted.


Smart reward is a price stabilization mechanism that promotes users to hold SMART, each wallet will get paid every 30 days on average after the 25th of each month if they have a balance greater than 1,000 SMART in their wallet. Users also have to move funds in their wallets superior to 1,000 SMART before the 25th of each month to be eligible for the rewards.
Long-term holders are key to the project's success since the SmartHive treasury needs SmartCash to appreciate in value to order meaningful 3rd party proposals and help grow SmartCash into a successful global crypto-currency.


Instant Pay is a mechanism that allows instant transactions. With SmarCash Visa and MasterCard-like transactions will be feasible for crypto ecosystems. People will be able to use the cryptocurrencies as a means to pay for their daily needs. InstantPay supports online and point-of-sale purchases in stores, instantly and securely.


SmartCash was born to be a fast, secure, self-governed and merchant-oriented cryptocurrency. SmartCash has a platform that allows all users to vote on the project they want to be funded by the community budget, users also can vote to prevent approval of projects they deem unworthy to be funded. A truly decentralized economy and community-based budget management ecosystem!

SmartCash will have a rapid growth since the priority is the reward for the community, more developers will undoubtedly join and collaborate to make Smartcash an evergrowing ecosystem. The project also focuses on the adoption of the merchants to increase the scope of the products and services that can be purchased and sold with SMART token.

The doors are wide open for those people with the most creative skills and ideas who wish to develop this incredible platform.

You can find @smartcash

Read about my Smartcash cloud miner

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Winner @cknr7

Price was 0.0671 at 11:32 UTC time which is 24 hours from when the post was posted.



Woow thanks a lot!


Σ$$$ Tipped @cknr7 Σ15 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.068 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $1.02 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit https://smartcash.cc.