Smartcash Smart Rewards Pool Update 24 November

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Well, it's been an interesting few months since my last Post. Smartcash has been hard forked and we now have Swiftcash. Unfortunately the crypto market as a whole has continued its downward slide but Smartcash as a result represents even better value for new entrants into the market.

For those invested in the Smart Rewards Pool, there is the additional prospect of ongoing monthly rewards. Even if those rewards bottom out at around 1% a month, that represents an annual compounded rate of 15% or more.

As I have been travelling since September I haven't published any detailed updates but the Pool has continued to receive Smart Rewards payouts and will receive another payout tomorrow, compounding the Rewards received in previous months. When I get home in December I will set up a spreadsheet on my regular computer so I can publish backdated reports for the last few months.

I myself have not received any free Smartcash recently as Team Smartcash seems to have evaporated since the hard fork, but I will keep an eye on where things are heading and probably will get back into trading on Crypto Bridge to attempt to increase my crypto holdings.

Thanks once again to all my loyal Followers, and Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans amongst you.


Disappointed that smartcash development has dropped since the initiation of swift cash.

looks like I'll have to wait long long before i can hit 1000 Smarts

Yes Good Project

It's been a while since the last post.. time for another update ;)

Any update ??