Smartcash Smart Rewards Pool Second Month Summary

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Well, here it is, folks. My apologies for the delay this month but hopefully this will establish once again what a great opportunity this Smart Rewards Pool represents. But this is only the beginning. With the miracle of compounding interest who knows how much this pool will be worth in a year or two?

Smart Rewards Pool 2nd Month Summary (July 25, 2018 Snapshot)

Pre-snapshot balance:

Smart Rewards Pool: 1100.47
@auskiwi: 356.66
@sinlg: 743.81

July 25 Payout:

Smart Rewards Pool: 18.1508
@auskiwi: 5.8826
@sinlg: 12.2682

(The payout for the July 25 snapshot was done on August 25)

Post-snapshot balance:

Smart Rewards Pool: 1203.61
@auskiwi: 362.54
@sinlg: 756.07

Please note that I have not published the Free Member payouts this month as the amount of free SBD earned by posts was so low that it wouldn't even reach the threshold of 0.001 SBD per member. Next month, I will combine both months and do a combined payout.

All the best to all Pool members, I will publish another report after the next payout.


@auskiwi, I'm waiting for the continuation of the topic

It only takes 1,000 SMART to be eligible for SmartRewards. There is no need to run a pool for this.

This is a pool for minnows. There are people who don't have a lot of crypto and don't want to buy it, so it makes sense to have somewhere to store small amounts that have been earned online, and slowly build it up with interest until each member has 1000 SMART for themselves and can set up their own account that attracts interest. It doesn't bother me if there are only 2 people in this pool, as long as it makes sense for both of us.

So now have to look at sept payout ;) so only 1.64%

I think another update is overdue? ;)