Smartcash not looking so smart now.

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OK, so I realise that I am probably way behind other people in this regard, but I finally realised this week that I am done with Smartcash. Its value continues to drop away to nothing, so I made the decision to finally pull the plug and stop trading it. I am now trading LTC against BTC on CryptoBridge, as these two are the oldest of the cryptos and are not going anywhere. I am not trading as much as I used to anyway, mainly because they changed the way Cryptobridge operates in my phone browser, and I couldn't get it to work on the phone, so I just trade on my laptop now.

I could have kept staking my Smartcash, but the amount you make in Smart Rewards isn't enough to compensate for the decline in value of the currency. So yeah, it hasn't been the same for quite a while now, and as I am probably almost the last guy to leave the room, I should probably switch off the light.

That's it, just a short post. I will try to post some more regular updates in the future...


I only have 993 smartcash and can’t even stake

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I just sent you 50 smarts. Now you can stake...

Sorry. I meant to say I had 937 smarts. But thanks for the 50 smarts. Brings it up to 987 smarts. I’ll just try and grind 23 more smarts

Did you get the extra 20 Smarts I sent you? That should have taken you to 1007 Smarts for the September 25 date.

Yes I did. Thanks. When will I see a increase for staking ? I haven’t seen any yet

It takes a month from the 25th of the month so you should see an increase on the 25th of October.

I would be happy to send you some smarts to get you over the line...

I would be happy
To send you some smarts to get
You over the line...

                 - auskiwi

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too kind sir !

my address SZATyDWHMBw9BjDpcmiKEcDDRwXYcsD7JC

it was a hype and still is