SmartCash- The New 2018 Roadmap!

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Exciting News!

In the midst of anarchaforko, the SmartCash team released a bunch of news!

One of this news is the release of the 2018 Roadmap!

There are some new and some already known points, nevertheless we have a very exciting year ahead of us!



  • The reintroduction of privacy protocols for SmartCash, BIP47 will be the protocol SmartCash will use and ensure privacy for their users.
  • SmartCard will have a very user friendly approach. A wallet on a physical card fit perfectly for merchants.
  • SPV - Simplified Payment Verification. Electrum, a very user friendly wallet with high demand! It will function similar to the web wallet, making it perfect in terms of security and usability.
  • At this moment syncing the blockchain on the desktop wallet can be tedious and troublesome, making it easier and faster will surely save a headache for some people! Note: If you do have any issues, join our discord and ask for help in the #support channels! There are always people ready to help!
  • The current explorer is sometimes missing features to meet everyones needs, an upgrade will definitely be neat!
  • The nodecount is approaching numbers beating BTC and most other cryptocurrencies, only beaten by Ethereum (for now)! This point will make the life easier for every nodeowner and will definitely be appreciated!
    Note: If any problems or issues with nodes are encountered, visit the #smartnodes channel on discord for assistance!
  • Multicurrency trading within a mobile wallet will definitely be another huge thing!
  • The long awaited InstantPay is closing in! With the support of our incredible SmartNode network it will be a big thing for 3rd party merchants!
  • At the moment much of the support is handled on the discord support channels! A dedicated support center will make it even easier to receive support in any matter.
  • Last but not least! Atomic Swaps are planned 2018! Trading between currencies without 3rd party exchanges is a luxury which SmartCash will supply!

I hope this gave a overview of the new Roadmap and that you are just as excited for this new year as I am!

If you would like to learn more about SmartCash please visit;

Official Website:

Official Wallet :

Official Twitter:

Official Discord:

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Solid post bro! :)

This is going to be great... It on entail SmartCash is a cryptocurrency for payment.

Definitely! Things are moving forward fast!

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Thanks a lot! :)

Nice breakdown of all the features!

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Wow, this is incredible news. I found this part especially exciting:

'Multicurrency trading within a mobile wallet will definitely be another huge thing!'

This has my interest piqued :)

Awesome. The 24hr support sounds great. Do you know if they are recruiting for that? x :)

I'm not sure if they are recruiting yet! What you can do is be active on the discord and help people out!
It won't go unnoticed!

SmartCash is Dopeeeee

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