SIDERA - ваши средства на вашем запястье

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Today computers, mobile devices, tablets, are an integral part of our life. They help us in communication, in payment when shopping, make a variety of our leisure time and much more. Surely almost everyone at least once in his life to pay for purchases using smart watches or bracelets. This is no surprise. Today I want to present you a project called "Sidera" - the project offers not just a smart watch, but a brand new accessory-a bracelet on the blockchain technology!

The essence of the project
Sidera - this is a new platform that by means of smart watches or bracelets will give you the opportunity to dispose of your cryptocurrency assets directly from your wrist.
The Bitsmart wallet will be completely under your control and is always available straight on your hand. It is fully protected, no one can use it except you.
Bitsmart also has a number of additional features, such as notifications of market price changes, detection of transaction addresses in automatic mode, sending fresh news, QR-barcode generator, as well as music, weather, etc.
Full protection
You can not worry - your cryptocurrency assets are completely safe, which is responsible for the body sensor located in your bracelet. Before you provide the access key to your wallet, he will conduct a full body analysis on which nedet accessory. From the sun only need to comply with confidentiality, not showing and not telling anyone your key. If suddenly the smart watch was lost or stolen, no one will be able to open access to your wallet, the sensor will not allow it. I think you agree that that's fine, you can "sleep" without worrying about your funds.

ICO project

**Team Sidera **

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The project is very worthy and interesting. Such ideas I have not seen, I think it will be a success and a great future! I advise everyone to get acquainted with the project!

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It's great that I'm participating in this project, it's cool