New SAMSUNG galaxy S10+,SmarT phonE full Review.

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Today I am looking for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus phone full of this phone to know about this phone or this article or article Keep reading.

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This is the Brand New Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus today I am looking forward to seeing this smart phone's full reviews.

This smart phone's display6.44".screen resolution 1440×2960 pixals...
This phone aNdroid v9.0 oparating systam.(pie)

This smart phone has an in-display fingerprint coma in display camera see this screen on.

The display of this smartphone is pretty cool. If you take the phone handy, you know that there are so many beautiful things that you have taken in hand. There is no dance in the display of this display. There is no speaker at the top of this phone's middle,.

images (2).jpg

If you talk about this smartphone processor then this smartphone processor is the top level process.This smartphone processor -
(Octa core+Dual core.Cortex A75+Quad Core,Cortex)prosecor of this smart phone.



CAMERA-16+16+13 Mp from this phone.


If you use it normally, it will run throughout the day and If you're gaming or playing games To be charged once a day.

images (3).jpg

You can see 3 cameras in this smart phone. I have told you how much of the megapixel camera.With which you can pick up your beautiful girlfriend's pickup And he can win his mind.There is a lot of noise in this phone's camera, which is a lot of noise Fill you as a photographer.

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