Smart-Photo Week #7: Back to School Theme

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Hye all steemian..

after so long I’m not post anything due to overload work. I’m just passing by @dragraff contest which make me interested and support him. So this is my entry for the contest by @dragraff..

If you want to join @dragraff contest you can Click Here

Located at Sarawak,Malaysia.

This picture was taken after I had finished my class.. and I love the view at here.
originally taken by samsungJ5

Here is the rules if you want to join...

  • Download and install Partiko on your device: Google Play or Apple Appstore
  • Submit your entries using Partiko
  • All entries must be original work, that you shot with your smartphone (let us know what smartphone was used)
  • All entries must include the #smart-photo tag and a link to this contest in the description
  • Upvote this post
  • Leave a link with your entry in the comments below
  • Only the first 3 entries per person will be considered

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