The MELTDOWN of Central Banking

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 State currency is a monopoly and central banks across the glob are cooperating like a cartel. Who ever tried to  resist it is not in power anymore. . However this article is not about this. it is about the upcoming monetary events which are going to reshape the landscape of the greatest regime  ever to exist , The credit providers as slave traders regime led by central banks and approved by our great democracies! 

 So here is the rundown of upcoming events:

1. Some banks will unite to create a digital asset in order to optimize trade and security and get a competative edge by doing so (all ready happening )  These asset created only for internal use at this point.

*Note : Four big banks from different countries. So what about the other banks?

2. Other banks, some maybe even from these same countries, will have to come together to create a competing asset  to catch up and be just as officiant as these first four.

*Note: Regulators may  have the power to try and enforce the same asset all across. However they will not be able to justify the cross-nations liability issues. Regulator can function only on a national level not international.

3. The cryptocurrency alliance between these cross nation banks will create a competing asset to the national currency. An asset to be traded by the biggest trusted  entity of our civilization , the banks themselves. 

 *Note: May not be traded directly , as of yet to comply with regulations.

4. These asset created by the different bank alliances will be the new gees laying golden financial products eggs based on these assets. These will be name smart contract and it is those smart contracts which will be traded on the market first

 *Note: The original intention of the banks created that first digital asset is going to morph into a very competitive market for private bank assets based on these newly created crypto-assets.

 5. Credit ..... Yes that is the final goal to be reached . Banks will issue credit using their asset and will let you buy your own debts using their newly created  funds. This means that you will create the demand to their currency in the markets. (After all a credit which is denominated in a certain currency have to be payed back using that same currency. *what an alchemy magic right there!)   

*Note: You as the individual taking the new credit to restructuring your national currency based debts, will have the power to choose the best credit provider. and they are all going to be chasing you offering you better and better terms.

The last thing you need to understand is that: Competing credit providers using competing currencies in a free market of currencies in which everyone can create a currency will make you the king of your power to create value, .the rightful  owner of your own production power.

And the thing you don't need to understand but the bank really do, is that: Abusing the privilege to create credit and weakening the currency community made up from these credit lenders, will immediately weakened the currency itself and the entity which issued it, the banks.