SMARTCONTAINERS in ZUG! at CryptoWorldZug Meetup

in smarc •  2 years ago 

Hi Smarcies,

We wanted to give you a heads up, tomorrow we will be attending a great meet up organized by our friends of Crypto World Zug. We will be happy to meet personally some our followers, as also those who did not hear yet about our upcoming ICO.

To know more about the timing and location check the MeetUp link;

Thanks to the team of @cryptoworldzug for having invited us, check their Steemit profile for more information or also their fresh new website;

Looking forward to seeing you in the Crypto Valley!

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Fantastic thing, i really would like to join this meeting, but unfortunately i'm very far from zug. Please, keep us updated with news and things that you will say in the meeting!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I like the very idea of this project. I'm watching him. a long time ago. I plan to participate in ICO. Thank you for the information and for many articles on this topic.

That is great, we look forward to be one of our token holders!

will be amazing to have you guys there... hoping for a good turnout tonight

After such a meeting your community will be much more!

A worthy team! Decent project! We see the progress every day.

Would love to make it, but can't. Please let us know how it goes and everything material which is discussed

Very inteeresting project, thx autor.

You can take part. They all say I'm the best, I know and that each recommends this company @smartcontainers because what it offers is the future! recommend not miss your chance!