SMARC AMA Today!!!

in smarc •  2 years ago 

Time to ask all the questions that buzz around your head about the upcoming Smart Containers ICO!

Join our Reddit AMA with CMO and Business Development Manager Carla Bünger on

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm in for this..... Gotta thousand questions to ask

Very good

Yes, you're right! It is a worthy projector, I advise everyone for it, there are prospects and growth already #SmartContainers

Great project @SmartContainers and great team. Keep up the good work. I was able to read about the project and I am convinced that it is necessary to participate. #SmartContainers

Great news

very informative news for SMARC project

Guys more and more convinced that the project is cool. I participate in ICO Smart Containers!

amazing news! upvoted, thanks!