Reddit AMA with our Head of IT

in smarc •  6 months ago

Greetings everybody

You wanna know how will Smart Containers leverage the blockchain technology to disrupt the logistics industry?

Join our Reddit AMA May 11th 7 CET with our head of IT Thomas Taroni this Friday and get the answer!

If you can't wait to learn more about our blockchain implementations, check out his video here

r/SmartContainers: Smart Containers Group is a Swiss high-tech container provider aiming to create the first fully autonomous container based on block...

We got lately a lot of requests to know more about the technology developments, and mostly regarding the Blockchain development part. As you can imagine a guy like Thomas has a seven days a week working schedule, but next Friday he is making a pause from his passion-driven tech development role to answer all of your questions.

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Give me five... Good job..


I just have 5 pennies, is it good? :-)


Haha.. So do I. ..i ve six maybe. Lol

really great job . i hope this project success soon

great ico project . best of luck

Good project . I will watch it.

Great job from smartcontainers

Really stoked to see what he has to say! Love seeing new blockchain projects and implementations


Looking forward to seeing you making some questions in Reddit!

i think this project is one of the best project

wouw a cool project finally get a lot of requests to know more about technological developments, good luck sir.

really this project is great, i hope it will be 100% success

A good project with a transparent road map. All the actions of the team are very clear. A good opportunity to invest in a profitable way.

hey,,,,smartcontainers,People use this technology because it is very difficult because of the quote quoting technology, it sounds very beautiful Thank u so mach.