PRE-sale is over, getting ready for crowd-sale

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Hello Smart Containers Community,

The pre sale of our ICO closed as planned on Wednesday 30th May. The total raise was US $ 12.75 m for SMARC and US 1 $ m for LOGI.
We are very grateful for the support in growing our smart containers business and building up the logistics ecosystem to make logistics more efficient.

The unallocated tokens (US $ 3.25 m for SMARC and US $ 2 m for LOGI) will be transferred to the crowd sale.

The crowd sale will start according to plan on June 7th 10 am CEST.
The minimum investment will be US $ 500 with 3 bonus tiers. 15%, 10% and 5% each 33% of tokens sold. First come, first served. You can whitelist from now on if you like to be reminded about the start.

In crowd sale you can contribute in ETH, BTC and credit card! So maybe an opportunity to stock up on your cryptos at a good price

Existing token investors can of course contribute! (a frequent question on telegram)

We have reached 3'650 members on our Telegram community and over 2'000 followers on Twitter. The number of visitors on our website has increased from 2'000 to over 7'000 per day and YouTube offers reviews of the project in almost every language.

We feel blessed and honored seeing so much enthusiasm for our project. Please continue to share your thoughts and your passion with the world. Every single contribution is highly appreciated.

Of course we have prepared some goodies for you in our crowd sale. Stay tuned for more details.

Our goal is to provide as many investors as possible the chance to invest in SMARC and LOGI, to create a diversified community that are our "ambassadors" - promoting our projects in their countries, identifying interesting challenges in distribution of food and medicine and how to improve the process of Logistics through the LOGI CHAIN project.

We will approach our community again with more details next week.
Enjoy what is left on your region of Sunday!


Good luck with sale. Best wishes!

Very good idea, good luck with the sale. Best wishes!

Excellent congratulations. Much success!

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I'm in. Really like the idea & I'd expect to hear big things in the near future. Best wishes!

Before the ICO, there were 2 and a half days left. Perhaps this is one of the most promising projects for investment.

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Nice! What about crowdsale?

Great post! Best of luck with your project, seems promising. For anyone interested in how the blockchain can disrupt the freight industry, I would recommend checking out Fr8 Network. Their goal is to remove any intermediaries in supply chains, bringing revenue back to distributors.