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Hi, our beloved Steemit Community!

Right now, about to finish the first day of our highly awaited Pre-Sale. It was a long day, with a lot of work still to do for the next two weeks until the pre-sale ends, and of course, making sure our operating business keeps running smoothly.

As a difference from other ICOs we are a running company, 4th already in our market niche. You can see in the thumbnail of this picture to our CEO Richard Ettl sitting in one of our temperature sensitive containers.

When you decide to invest in SMARC or LOGI you have a certainty that is not only a prototype or a promise of developing some new idea from scratch, big part of the hard work was already done by our team. Via the ICO raised funds we look to keep growing and supporting other business opportunities, like FoodGuardians.

Sharing more news about our first day of presale please see the message of our CEO on our official Telegram chat.

Dear community,

I would like to give you a recap of day 1 of our Pre-sale.
We have now more than USD 8.5M paid in! – from roughly 250 investors. That’s a little bit more than 50% sold within 10h.

On our website, currently only a fraction is visible that is already KYC’d so ETH & credit card only.
The progress bar will make a big jump tomorrow morning. We expect the PRE-sale of LOGI to finish tomorrow evening.

IT: very good work on the security side. Unfortunate that one payment option for LOGI was not available today. Sorry, if this caused inconvenience to our community. Our IT team is fine tuning for the crowd sale.

Thank you very much for all involved! Our partners (Amazix, Lykke) and our advisors.
Big thank you from my side.

Stay tuned!

Best regards,

Richard & the Smart Containers Team

To close this post we wanted to share a picture of our Steemit Community Manager, @santana33 which has been supporting our Steemit Community so far. In this case also inside of one of our Smart Containers.

We hope to see you joining our Presale in the next days!!!

Proof of Team.png

The easiest way to connect is in our Telegram group:


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How far they will go and what will come of it, we will see very soon, and now I suggest that you get acquainted with the road map, get acquainted with the founders of the project, and also look at the white sheet. all this and not only information, you will find visiting the official website of the company.

I expect the first sale of Pre-Sale and until the pre-sale ends, will continue to run smoothly and successfully

informative for this great projects

Wow good idea. How can i join?

sound good to hear this

#SMARC #SmartContainers This is a real company that strives to improve both the quality of the transport of goods for which special transportation is needed. Follow the news on the official website.