New Kid on the Blockchain by Ineff

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For our German-speaking community, we have a great quality article published by @ineff based on the English version which was originally posted in Medium on @smartcontainers official account.

Thanks to Ineff for sharing with us and creating such a high-quality article.

Everybody, please give it a read as also a well-deserved upvote and resteem!

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great project wish you the best

a lot of useful information. I hope that the project will gain the right amount of investors

We are doing fine on the pre-sale, check our website for more information.

Upvoted!! thanks for this!
Sehr gute Vision, aber die Politik machts uns in Deutschland nicht leicht mit der Technologie auf dem Weltmarkt der Konkurrenz standzuhalten. Der Zug(Schweiz) ist abgefahren 🙄👌
but Good job!

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very informative great project

Great community, I will be following...

You people are doing great

You're doing great, the project is super.

Good post
Visit my blog

Very innovative blog I want to become your subscriber, let's be friends

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