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Hi, dear community,

We are coming closer to the end of our ICO, and we wanted to share another great piece of information through a videographic we made. Our idea is to explain how does LOGI CHAIN function and what is our proposed solution. Check the video here below and leave us your questions.

You still have time until 30th of June to participate in our ICO and join the logistics revolution!


Wow it seems a great project

THis really gonna make things easy

A great project THis really gonna make things easy!!!

I wish you good luck in your endeavor!

A great project.Looking forward meeting some #SMARCies there!

Great project.💡 . Nice work.. Keep it up

great development
good job .

I like smartcontainers project
the new cryptocurrency with real

Now we came into the Modern Civilization. Day by day Technology makes our life easier band comfortable. Technology This world has brought the world to our hands. We don't think without technology.IoT is another important part of Technology. maybe we can handle the world using by IoT.

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