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We are thrilled to bring you today a grand announcement. We have been teasing you lately about new information on the development of our new division FoodGuardians. As you may know, one of the primary drivers for the creation of our current ICO, to not only be first in the Pharma field, but also to disrupt the food distribution industry.

Our ultimate goal is to bring fresher food to your table without needing expensive refrigerated transports, an ecological and Smarter way to do logistics.

Today, we have announced our partnership with the big Dutch packaging firm Schoeller Allibert. Their vast network of manufacturers and providers will bring scale economy to our containers production, translating into lower costs and more efficiency. It also means that customers will be, sooner than later, enjoying a fresher meal on their plate secured by our thermic container monitored by sensors and blockchain.

Schoeller is the worldwide European leader in Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP), in simpler terms, reuse the plastic materials used to transport any goods. On our operation reusability is critical, our containers need to have extended usability which makes the whole Business Model even more ecological. We do not only use containers that keep their same temperature for days without any battery or refrigeration external system, we also ensure to refurbish any affected container under the strictest standards.

The portable boxes will have as main target, hotels, restaurants and some supermarkets with home delivery. The goal is to keep the cost of these containers as low as to 1 EUR per day of use.

Just imagine the berries of the article image, almost as fresh as they left the farm without any break in the cold chain. That merely means they will taste "one day fresher."

A summary can also be read on our press release;

“In developing an overnight delivery box for food and groceries, FoodGuardians, whose containers are super lightweight, highly robust, and cost-efficient, will benefit from Schoeller Allibert’s unique experience and expertise in the mass-manufacturing of reusable assets for the food industry.

“FoodGuardians, meanwhile, will extend cooling and data monitoring capabilities in Schoeller Allibert’s existing service offerings, enabling food suppliers to monitor a containers’ performance, the integrity of the products shipped, and ensure a cost-efficient operation.”

This significant milestone brings us one step closer to our goals. We count on our community to keep track on our endeavors.

Please also see the following links for more information on the ANN by the press;

If you feel that SMARC is moving forward and want to be part of the history of logistics disruption, join our current ICO.



I'am Helpfully For Your Post

I adore you, you are doing a huge job in the development of a healthy lifestyle and human nutrition. As a result, you are changing the quality of people's lives. Huge gratitude for your work and innovative solutions.

It promotes a healthy lifestyle. Thank you.

I can only note that the world is developing dynamically and now are afloat companies that are in step with the progress.

terima kasih, sudah singgah di akun saya, semoga pertemanan akan terus berlanjut. salam hangat dari KSI

upvoted and nice information. i followed you. i hope you do the same

Hi! Great Analytics, follow you, follow me!

@SMARC_ICO is changing Logistics one container at a time. A great announcement on a new strategic partner. FoodGuardians will be the next disrupter in perishable food.

Read more on the ANN;

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the best project

Great news. I like the company grow. Believe in Your success this year. Carefully following Your development, I joined the project and will strongly support him.

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