In the beginning (A forward)

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This post is meant for those who are not familiar with Mindbent as a brief history of why Mindbent was created and what you are expected to see from us in the future.

Although officially Mindbent Ideas LLC was created in 2016 many of the projects have been around for several years prior.

The founder (myself) has been playing games of all kinds since his childhood and ended up going to college for video game design to explore further the ideas behind the fundamentals and mechanics of games. In his time at Brown College he began designing games of his own to play with his friends and classmates. One such game, now called Lunar 5000 is about to go up on Kickstarter this spring but that is not the first game they have published. Since the LLC became official in 2016 they have been diligently working to polish off older games along with creating new titles all together. Including our first published title Coop da Chickens.

When we are at the drawing board we aim to design games that make sense, are fairly easy to learn and of course fun to play. This being said most of our games are heavily themed and some are even interconnected with one another.

However tabletop games are just the beginning and in the future we plan to expand into digital platforms and apps along with creating video blogs, comics, other forms of art and many other fascinating projects yet to come. So stay tuned in to Mindbent Ideas.

~Thanks again

The Mindbent team