SMA Feedback Contest Round 10 Winners! A DSound Community Initiative.

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SMA Feedback Contest Round 10 Winners! A DSound Community Initiative.

Ya'll know the drill! It's time to announce the Winners!

And the way we roll here is to keep it real, with honest... and technical feedback, and we had some cool entries this round! We are SMA afterall. There is some awesome feedback given to producers that is just awesome and detailed. :-)

I want to thank each one of you for your time and effort that you put in, because it shows that you definitely care about helping out your fellow producers/musicians. And for those that put up a song for feedback Kudos to you all!

There were 3 entries this round.

This is the last winners announcement for the Feedback Contest, so thanks to all have participated in the contest, much appreciated!

Now moving on to the results.

1st Place Winners Are:
@hilladigahackles & Choice with @paradigmprospect's feedback.

2nd Place Winners Are:
@fireawaymarmot & From Water with @paradigmprospect's feedback.

The Prizes Won:

First Prize:
@hilladigahackles 5 SBD & 20 points.
@paradigmprospect 5 SBD & 20 points.

Second Prize:
@fireawaymarmot 3 SBD & 15 points.
@paradigmprospect 3 SBD & 15 points.

Song Highlights From Round 10:!/@hilladigahackles/20180611t233942973z-steemit-music-league-challenge-s2r12-choice-hilladigahackles-vs-e40

Thanks again for submitting your songs, I enjoyed listening to them, and it is very much appreciated! :-D

The SBD has been sent. And the points will be given by @chiefmappster when he is ready to do that.

Thanks again for all the effort! :-D

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Lots of contests going on right now, including the Beat Battle,
and the SML Challenge!


Thanks for this opportunity, I really do not understand why there weren't more participants.
Hope you have a great weekend! <3

Hiya :-) Thanks for your support of the Feedback Contest, much appreciated. There is a new contest now, The Drop Zone... so check it out!

rad! thanks very much! i was crap this round! sorry i did not get to any reviews. thank you @paradigmprospect for being the man! i promise to do mucho better in the next round!

Thanks for the contest, and I was crap as well for providing feedback. Dropped a late feedback to @paradigmprospect's entry, as a way of atonement.